2023 New Interior Designs with Panda Marble Tiles

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Panda White marble – low-key luxury interior space applications

Panda Marble is extensively famous for its stellar evaluation; the Panda White marble is a near reflection of white waves crashing onto a black sand seashore—the best mixture of black & white marble. Enhance any interior area with the great Panda White marble by MQ STONE, best for drawing awestruck interest from visitors. Marble is available in numerous colors, shades, and textures. We adore its wealthy, accessible look and have determined specific ways to include marble in any commercial and residential building interior floor, wall, and countertops.
Panda White marble, with unique black and white veins interlaced blend, natural, distinctive sense of hierarchy, and seemingly random texture, highlights the bold and unrestrained charm, not subtle, not cunning, arbitrary, wanton personality.

White Panda Marble, with a unique black and white veins interlaced blend, natural, distinctive sense of hierarchy, seemingly random texture highlights the bold and unrestrained charm, not subtle, not artifice, arbitrary, wanton personality.

Panda Marble Floor and Wall Tiles | MQ STONE

  • What is panda white marble:

Natural Panda marble produced in China’s Sichuan, white plate, black veins randomly and elegantly flows, like a natural micro-brewed after the unintentional work. As if nature and humanity have a long time together, the panda white marble is like a traditional Chinese ink painting, with Wu Guanzhong ink exquisite poetry in various colors in the stone to show their unique charm. It can be a “national treasure,” as the name suggests.

  • Panda white marble characteristics:

The Panda Marble Tile surface is smooth, with a soft texture, beautiful, dignified, and elegant style, with black and white interlocking veins interpretation, the long history of the wind and clouds, like an ink painting, where it is a bright landscape.
This unique Chinese natural black and white marble has interior space applications.

  • 01: Interior background wall

Natural Marble Panda White has a pure white background and a strong contrast of black lines, with wider stripes and thicker wave patterns, forming white crystals on a transparent substrate, presenting a translucent and noble feeling. There is a lot of white space to let people’s free and unlimited imagination fly while not lacking a sense of elegance and sophistication.

  • 02: Home furnishing products, tables, and countertops

Panda Marble Tables and Countertops | MQ STONE
While resembling ink painting, Panda White is interpreting fashion. A world of black and white, creating a touch of modern supercolor space, pure and clean, like a leaping note, is playing a song of life! Like other imported marble, Panda White marble can be made into various indoor furniture products, such as dining do, coffee tables, kitchen countertops, or sinks. Black and white interpenetration, with a sharp contrast of color impact, thus producing absolute and relative visual effects, dynamic but without losing the natural harmony.

  • 03: Floor and wall applications

In the Panda White Marble, the interior space decoration design, the application is extensive; the most common is the floor and wall pavement, even the pattern or the creation of the way, like being in the landscape, walking in the ink. Here, we have opened up a space that belongs to ourselves; we can think about nature, explore life, calm down, find the meaning of life, a touch of Zen, or a kind of inner world of peace and calm withe Chinese Natural Black and White Marble-White Panda Marble.

Panda White Marble Tubs and Stairs | MQ STONE

  • 04: Stairs

Panda white is used in the stair space, with traveling clouds and flowing water-like patterns on the ground scattered so that the whole area is full of a smooth sense of beauty.

Panda White marble is a unique and luxurious material that can add a touch of sophistication to any interior space. Its distinctive blend of black and white veins creates a stunning visual impact, while its smooth and soft texture exudes elegance and sophistication. Whether used for interior background walls, home furnishing products, floor and wall applications, or stairs, Panda White marble is a beautiful and versatile stone that can enhance any interior design.