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Back-bolt method dry hanging stone (granite for exterior wall)

Backbolt connection is a method of fixing stone curtain wall by connecting the stone with the frame through the double-cut anti-seismic back-cut anchor bolts and connectors. Because the double-cut back bolt is supported by a round body close to the point, the back bolt can be planted deeper after passing through the bottom gap technology, which greatly increases the negative pressure value and has the best local bearing capacity. Due to the flexible connection of the back bolt and the close hinged suspension structure, the single-section back bolt, back groove, groove type torsion moment and displacement problems are solved. It needs to use professional hole-opening equipment to accurately process the "big inside, small outside" conical hole on the back of the stone, insert the anchor bolt into the hole, screw it into the screw, and make the bottom of the anchor bolt fully expand, and the conical hole They are matched to form a stress-free convex combination, and the porcelain plate is fixed on the keel through the connecting piece.

2.3.1 The advantages of back-bolt method dry hanging

1. Independent force between the plates, independent installation, independent replacement, flexible node method;

2. The connection is reliable, the weakening of the stone slab is small, and the local damage of the stone at the connection part is reduced, so that the stone panel has a higher earthquake resistance.

3. The distance between the stone and the bottom of the tapered hole can be accurately controlled to ensure the smoothness of the surface of the curtain wall.

2.3.2 Disadvantages of back-bolt method dry hanging

1. The thickness of the stone must be greater than or equal to 25mm, 30mm is recommended;

2. The distance between the stone installation surface and the base layer is relatively large (250-300mm), and the flatness and verticality are very high, which is not practical for the limited installation space.

3. The back bolt holes must be processed in batches with special machines. (One board has four back bolt holes);

4. The area of the stone block should not be larger than 1.5 square meters, and the pendants are generally made of stainless steel pendants;

2.3.2, graphical structure and on-site photo analy

The back-bolted curtain wall stone needs to be punched with back-bolt holes. When processing the typesetting drawings, it is also necessary to indicate the position and size of the back-bolt holes. The following picture is the node diagram of the stone open-back bolt hole, for everyone to deal with the drawings in the future as a reference!