How Routine Cleaning for Marble Floors

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How to Make a Routine Cleading For Marble Flooring In Your Home

Marble stone tiles give your home a timeless and elegant appeal. We offer over 400 marble flooring styles so you can make a statement with your marble floor that will last an eternity.  Marble is available in black, green, grey, blue, brown, red, beige, and more. Lighter marble floors can drastically brighten your room¡¯s atmosphere. We love the way traditional black and white marble tile flooring can add a classic vibe to your space.

Clean Up Spills Immediately
When spills occur, they should be wiped away immediately. Even with a protective sealant, acidic messes like fruit juices, soft drinks, or vinegar-based condiments can cause etching. Muddy footprints should be removed as soon as possible to prevent the embedded grit from scratching the marble. Use a damp microfiber cloth to remove solid particles and blot up the liquid. Try not to make the stain larger by smearing. Follow-up with a quick rinse with a clean damp cloth and finish by drying the area well with a microfiber cloth to prevent spotting and slippery areas.

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    Trap Dust and Dirt
A dry dust mop or a mop with disposable dry sweeper cloths are the best tools for trapping dust and loose dirt on a marble floor. Do not use any type of dusting spray on the mop. A good rule of thumb for how often to clean is that a marble floor should be dry dusted at least once per week per person living in the home. For a family of three, this means dry dusting three times per week to keep marble scratch-free.