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The Luxury Senses Of Living Room Designs With Natural Marble

The natural marble offers a variety of tile sizes, mosaics, and trims. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms, this collection is applicable for wall coverings and flooring. Marble is a metamorphic stone with a timeless history as a flooring, wall covering, paving material for interior and exterior projects.

جدار رخام

Marble is as gentle as jade, simple and elegant. The soft and strong textures are vertical and horizontal. The confrontation between different textures brings the rhythm of life and makes life return to the natural taste in an instant. The light luxury living room decorated with marble is full of high-level feeling!

خلفية تلفزيون من الرخام الأبيض

تصاميم مطابخ مفتوحة من رخام كالكوتا الرمادي

غرفة معيشة رخام كالكوتا

Interior design with marble in the living room is a significant challenge for any professional. The challenge consists in acknowledging that when working with a natural product it is necessary to correctly assess its technical and aesthetic characteristics. A good selection of the stone for the living room assures a relevant qualitative added value.

As we all know, marble comes from the magic pen of nature. Luxury has become a label of marble, but it also has more connotation beauty. The high-end temperament of marble makes the living room elegant and luxurious.

رخام كلكتا مع تصميمات ألواح الحائط الخشبية

Create a light luxury residence with high-grade ash. The living room and kitchen use marble, brass, logs, and photocatalysis to show a charming atmosphere, and then bring out the texture of light luxury.

تصاميم غرفة معيشة رخامية

بلاط ارضيات غرف المعيشة من الرخام

With grayish brown as the main color, the calm temperament is immersed in the daily life of the residents. It is profound and relaxed. It has wiped off the pressure since stepping into the home, so it has to be at ease and lazy. A large number of dark natural wood grain finishes are used in the space. The warmth of the wood combined with cold marble is cold and gentle.

بلاط حائط غرفة المعيشة من الرخام الرمادي

تصاميم غرف معيشة من الرخام البني

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