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New wet pasting method-stone adhesive

Stone adhesives are mainly used for pasting various types of stones such as marble and granite and large-size wall and floor tiles;

1. Product features of stone adhesive:

A. The construction method is simple. Just like tiling ceramic tiles and wall and floor tiles, directly paste the stone on the base surface of various materials. No accessories such as pendants, drilling, fixing and other processes are required. construction rubbish;

B. This product can be pasted in a thin layer. Compared with traditional materials and traditional construction methods, it can greatly reduce the weight of the building, greatly improve the work efficiency, reduce labor input, expand the indoor space, increase the use area, and improve the efficiency of the building. £»

C. Excellent durability, can avoid peeling due to freezing and thawing of the wall, good workability, easy to construct, improve work efficiency and quality, and have a certain open time, which can be adjusted appropriately when pasting to facilitate neat discharge .

2. How to use stone adhesive:

A. Basic treatment: Remove grease, dust, loose objects and other substances that are not conducive to bonding on the surface of the adhesive layer. Neither the bottom layer nor the facing materials need to be moistened with water, and the bonding surface of the facing materials should be kept clean;

B. Preparation of adhesive glue: mix the adhesive and water at a ratio of about 4:1 (weight ratio) and stir to adjust to a slurry with a suitable consistency. Let it stand for 10 minutes. During this time, the consistency of the mixture will be Enlarge, and then fully stir to restore to the original consistency, you can use it, the second time stirring, under normal circumstances, there is no need to add water;

C. Pasting method: Use a trowel or toothed scraper to smear the glue on the base surface, rub or rub the tiles and other decorative materials on the glue, or use the conventional sticking method to mix the glue. Put the grout on the back of the tile, then rub it firmly on the wall, straighten it, and scrape off the excess grout.

D. Jointing after 24 hours.

3. matters needing attention

A. The water for mixing the binder must be clean water (such as clean tap water);

B. In the process of preparing adhesive glue, no other materials and additives shall be added;

C. The adjusted slurry should be used up within 2 hours;

D. The bonding surface of the stone should not be treated with ordinary protective agents before bonding, otherwise it will easily cause falling off; it is recommended to use AD2009 waterproof adhesive, which can prevent falling off and waterproof stains and white flowers.