Bianco Cristallo Quartzite

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Brazilian Exotic Cristallo Quartzite Slab from MQ STONE is one of the Most Exclusive Materials on the Market for custom kitchen and bathroom Countertops. Cristallo Quartzite Backlit Slab is a stunning white and ivory stone with subtle tones of gray color quarried in Brazil. This luxury quartzite stone is suitable for premium interior designs of any residential and commercial building projects.
  • Natural Quartzite Item: Brazilian Cristallo White Quartzite Backlit Slabs
  • Exotic Quartzite Stone: Bianco Cristallo Quartzite, Crystal White Quartzite
  • حجم البلاطة الجامبو: 2400upx1400up، 2000upx1000up
  • سمك: مصقول، شحذ، حمض، ناعم
  • موك: 300 متر مربع
  • Natural Quartzite Factory: Masonry Quality Stone
  • Application: MQ STONE factory offers 80+ different exotic quartzite stone in slabs, and cut-to-size tiles for Indoor Floor Wall Tiles, Bathroom Countertops, Sinks, and basins for commercial and residential projects.

Brazilian Bianco Cristallo Exotic Backlit Quartzite Stone Polished Slabs 


Bianco Cristallo Quartzite is a natural stone used for centuries in architecture and interior ornamentation. Its specific homes have made it a famous preference among designers and homeowners alike. Bianco Cristallo Quartzite is one of the most brilliant forms of Cristallo Quartzite. This stone is an embodiment of Nature’s purest artistry and elegance. Originating from Brazil’s majestic quarries, this Backlit Exotic Crystal quartzite epitomizes opulent interior craftsmanship. Its creamy white historical past with smooth grey veining makes it a widespread desire for interior designers.

Fabricated Cristallo White Quartzite backlit Kitchen countertops projects MQ STONE

  • The airy beauty of Bianco Cristallo Quartzite

Bianco Cristallo Quartzite unfolds a dreamy canvas of cool whites interspersed with mild colorations of ivory. The serene backdrop is subtly interrupted with grey tones and delicate orange flecking, lending the stone an intensity that is mesmerizing and undying. Frequently diagnosed by numerous names like Cristallo extra White Quartzite and Cristallo Bianco Quartzite, its attraction remains unwavering and transcendent.

  • Bianco Cristallo Quartzite countertops: A durable and highly-priced desire

The MQ STONE offers fabricated services of Cristallo Quartzite countertops are a famous choice among house owners and architects. These countertops are acknowledged for their durability and high-priced look. Cristallo Quartzite slabs come in a ramification of sizes, together with 30x30x2, 40x40x2, 45x45x2, 60x60x2, and 120x60x2. They’re available in 2 cm (3/4″) and 3 cm (1 1/4″) thicknesses, making them perfect for custom tasks. Cristallo Quartzite countertops are best for kitchens, bathrooms, and outside areas.

  • Cristallo Quartzite Slabs: the ideal desire for Wall Accents

The luxury backlit Cristallo Quartzite slabs have broadened their horizons and are now not limited to custom countertops. Their resilience and aesthetic enchantment cause them to be ideal for wall accents, ground tiles, or even staircases. Cristallo Quartzite slabs are in diverse sizes, making them suitable for custom tasks. They’re best for adding a touch of luxury to any space.


  • Backlit Cristallo Quartzite: The Luminous Appeal

One of the unique attributes of White Cristallo Quartzite is its transparent quality. While opposed to a mild source, this Quartzite takes on an airy glow, making it a preferred choice for environments that appoint backlighting. This selection accentuates its tricky veining and adds a detail of drama and attraction to spaces, making it perfect for highly-priced settings.



1: Standard Sizes of Brazilian Exotic Bianco Cristallo Quartzite Slabs and Countertops 


Brazilian Exotic Cristallo White Quartzite Backlit Slabs
Usage of Luxury Quartzite Stone
Interior & Exterior Decoration. It is widely used in countertops, washing basins, and bar counters and is also suitable for exterior wall
paneling, flooring, etc.,
Application of Exotic Quartzite
الأحجام المشتركة
بلاطة صغيرة
1800 (أعلى) × 60-90 (أعلى) ملم
15mm, 18mm, 20mm etc,
بلاطة كبيرة
2400 (أعلى) × 120 (أعلى) مم
20 مم، 30 مم، إلخ
قطع إلى الحجم
300 × 300 مم، 600 × 600 مم،
800 x 800mm etc,
10 مم، 15 مم، 18 مم، 20 مم، إلخ
كونترتوب المطبخ
96 بوصة × 25.5 بوصة، 108 بوصة × 26 بوصة، 96 بوصة × 26 بوصة،
108 × 25 بوصة إلخ
20 مم، 30 مم، 20 مم + 20 مم صفح وما إلى ذلك
قمة الجزيرة
96 بوصة × 36 بوصة، 108 بوصة × 36 بوصة، 96 بوصة × 40 بوصة، 72 بوصة × 36 بوصة وغيرها
قمة الغرور
31 بوصة × 22 بوصة، 37 بوصة × 22 بوصة، 49 بوصة × 22 بوصة، 61 بوصة × 22 بوصة، 73 بوصة × 22 بوصة وغيرها
خطوة الدرج والناهض
1000-1300x300x20/30 ملم و1000-1300x150x20 ملم
تشطيبات السطح
مصقول، ملتهب، شحذ، سبليت، هبط، ساندبلاستيد،
محفور، بوش مطروق، الفطر، الخ.
رقابة جودة
(1) حزمة التصدير القياسية الصالحة للإبحار
(الداخلي: فيلم بلاستيكي ورغوة؛ الخارجي: صناديق أو منصات خشبية صلبة.)
(2) التحكم في اختلاف اللون
(3) تحمل السماكة: +/- 0.5 مم، +/- 1 مم
(4) تم فحص جميع المنتجات من قبل مراقبة الجودة من ذوي الخبرة



2: 16mm Backlit Brazilian Cristallo Quartzite Slabs
  • Cristallo Exotic Quartzite: Unleashing the beauty of Nature

Brazilian Backlit and Luxury Cristallo Exotic Quartzite is an extraordinary and unique herbal stone that is regarded for its putting appearance. This stone is a white, gray, and black aggregate, with formidable veining running throughout the slab. Cristallo’s exceptional Quartzite is perfect for developing a dramatic announcement in any area. Its bold look makes it ideal for kitchen countertops, toilet vanities, or outdoor spaces.

  • Crystal White Quartzite Slab: A undying conventional

With LED light effect, the Crystal White Quartzite Slab is a traditional natural stone used for centuries in architecture and interior decoration. This stone combines white and grey with subtle veining that runs during the slab. Crystal White Quartzite Slab is best for developing a timeless appearance in any area. Its versatility suits kitchen countertops, toilet vanities, and even wall accents.

  • Cristallo Bianco Quartzite Slab: A modern-day Twist on a traditional Stone

Brazilian Exotic Stone-Cristallo Bianco Quartzite Slab is a modern-day twist on a conventional herbal stone. This stone combines white and gray with bold veining that runs through the slab. Cristallo Bianco Quartzite Slab is perfect for creating a modern look in any area. Its formidable look suits kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, or outside spaces best.

Bianco Cristallo Quartzite


Cristallo Quartzite is a flexible and pricey natural stone that is best for growing a beautiful and timeless space. Its specific houses make it a famous preference among designers and homeowners alike. Whether you pick Bianco Cristallo Quartzite, Cristallo Quartzite countertops, or Cristallo Quartzite slabs, you can ensure that you’re choosing a long-lasting and costly natural stone on the way to stand the test of time.

Bianco Cristallo Quartzite Stone

Bianco Cristallo Quartzite Stone

Bianco Cristallo Quartzite Slab

Bianco Cristallo Quartzite Slab

Bianco Cristallo Backlit Quartzite

Bianco Cristallo Backlit Quartzite

MQ Stone, a renowned name in the international top-class stones, brings Bianco Cristallo Quartzite tailored for various applications. Catering to multiple initiatives, from posh lodges to fashionable villas and from sophisticated workplace homes to bustling department stores, MQ Stone ensures each space it graces exudes elegance. Each slab, tile, or countertop is a testament to their commitment to first-class and grandeur.


3: Backlit Bianco Cristallo Quartzite Slabs and Tiles Factory | MQ STONE


Professional Exotic Quartzite Stone QC Works | MQ STONE

Past the traditional, there may be the Cristallo distinctive Quartzite, a version that pushes the bounds of design. This quartzite version is characterized by a more excellent, intense interplay of colors and styles for folks who choose a touch of the first-rate of their spaces.

To revel in luxury is one thing; however, to stay amidst it is far from any other. With Bianco Cristallo Quartzite, every nook of your space will reflect the grandeur and the finest craftsmanship nature and human ingenuity can provide.

Luxury Brazilian Quartzite Slabs and TIles Factory | MQ STONE