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Black Malawi Granite in Leathered Surface Tiles is an idea for exterior floor and external wall projects; this black and white-grey pattern granite stone is suitable for any residential and commercial building outside usages, such as plazas, parks, squares, patios, and pathways.
  • Natural Granite Item: Black Malawi Granite Flamed and Brushed Tiles
  • Chinese Natural Stone: Black Malawi Granite, Black Granite
  • حجم البلاطة الجامبو: 2400upx1400up، 2000upx1000up
  • سمك: مصقول، شحذ، حمض، ناعم
  • موك: 300 متر مربع
  • Natural Granite Factory: Masonry Quality Stone
  • Application: MQ STONE factory offers 100+ different granite stones in slabs and cut-to-size tiles for Indoor Floor Wall Tiles, Bathroom Countertops, Sinks, and basins for commercial and residential projects.

12”x12″ Flamed and Brushed Black Malawi Granite Tiles For Exterior Floor and Wall Paving Projects


Black Leathered Granite Floor and Wall Tiles in Black Malawi Granite is an undying surprise that effortlessly mixes aesthetic attraction with unbeatable durability outcomes. It is sourced from the depths of nature, and this granite variation complements the beauty of regions and guarantees lengthy-lasting endurance. Let’s delve into the Black Malawi Granite sector and discover its unparalleled features and numerous packages.

Black Malawi Granite’s appeal, particularly its black and gray veining, places it above others. At the same time as it can resemble Snow gray granite from China and Brazil through Lactea, Black Malawi boasts an exceptional texture and a slightly lighter hue. Those traits make it a tremendously sought-after desire for discerning owners and designers.

Flamed and Brushed Black Malawi Granite TilesBlack Malawi Granite Tile: the suitable choice for cutting-edge modern regions

The Black Malawi Granite Tile is fine for regions, supplying a Swedish and avant-garde aesthetic. The tiles’ one-of-a-type texture and slightly lighter hue make them best for minimalist layout schemes, adding depth and hobby without overpowering the space. These Black Granite tiles are also to be had in a leathered cease, which affords a subtle texture and matte, accessible, contemporary end.

Black Leathered Granite Tile: a hint of expensive

The Black Leathered Granite Tile is a choice for any space, imparting elegance and refinement. This Tile is a leathered cement that provides texture and intensity to the floor, growing a unique effect. The Black Malawi Leathered Granite Tile is suitable for kitchens, lavatories, and different high-site visitor areas due to its sturdiness and resistance to scratches and stains.

  • Black Leathered Granite Floor Tile: The last in durability

Black Leathered Granite Floor Tile is like a tank that may take whatever you or the sector throws! This natural granite is made for high-traffic areas, so you can stride through entryways and hallways with self-assurance, knowing your ground is as strong as they arrive. The leathered finish adds a hint of texture and depth, making it a strong and pretty tile.




Standard Sizes Black Malawi Granite Leathered Tiles


مقاس معياري ألواح الجرانيت 2400upx1200upx18 ~ 30 مم
1800upx600upx18 ~ 30 مم
2000upx2400 ~ 3200upx18 ~ 30 مم
الحجم الشعبي بلاط جرانيت 305 × 305 ملم (12 بوصة × 12 بوصة)
300 × 600 مم (12 × 24 بوصة)
400 × 400 مم (18 بوصة × 18 بوصة)
600 × 600 مم (24 بوصة × 24 بوصة)
أحجام أخرى يمكن تخصيص
سماكة 10mm(3/8″)




Exterior Plaza Floor Projects with Black Malawi Leathered Granite Tiles


  • Black Malawi Flamed and Brushed Granite Tile: A Natural Splendor

Black Flamed and Brushed Granite Tile, this one’s an actual doll! It’s like a piece of natural art that you may stroll on, and it’s best for out-of-door spaces like patios and pool areas. The flamed and brushed end offers a unique texture that catches the eye and makes any area experience more memorable.

  • Black Malawi Leathered Granite Tile: An Expensive Choice

Black Malawi Leathered Granite Tile, this one’s an actual luxurious item! It’s perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, or any excessive-traffic area where you need something more upscale. The leathered end adds a touch of elegance you may love and is sturdy enough to address something you throw at it.

Black Malawi Granite Outdoor Tiles


    Black Malawi Granite Leathered Tiles

    Black Malawi Granite Leathered Tiles

    Black Malawi Granite Floor Tiles

    Black Malawi Granite Floor Tiles

    Black Malawi Granite Flamed Brushed Tiles

    Black Malawi Granite Flamed Brushed Tiles


    Black Malawi Granite floor Tile: this one’s a timeless tradition! It’s got a beautiful gray hue with subtle lighter veins running across the surface that give it an air of beauty and class. It’s like a piece of natural art that you may stroll on, and it’s sure to make any area feel extra special.

    Handpicked by floor fans, the Malawi Black Granite ground Tile from MQ Stone represents luxury and sturdiness. The nature of the Flamed Malawi Granite Paving Tile makes it a fantastic choice for moisture-susceptible regions, ensuring toughness without compromising splendor. Whether or not it is an expensive lavatory or an expansive plaza, this granite variation guarantees to stand the look of time.



    Professional Black Malawi Granite Leathered Tiles For Exterior Floor and Wall Projects Factory | MQ STONE



    أعمال مراقبة الجودة الحجرية الاحترافيةCompanion with the high-quality to obtain the great. MQ Stone ensures that every slab of Black Malawi granite is crafted to perfection. Providing finishes in flamed+brushed surfaces, they cater to various programs – from conceitedness tops to external cladding. Whether or not you are trying to enhance a villa, a workplace, or a sports venue, MQ Stone’s Black Malawi granite services cater to many architectural needs.

    Black Malawi Granite, with its one-of-a-kind shade and durable nature, is an investment that guarantees returns in aesthetics and functionality. When you choose this top-notch stone, you are not simply selecting a cloth but embracing a bit of Earth’s undying beauty. Allow Black Malawi Granite to redefine luxury and durability in your architectural endeavors.

    Black Granite Floor and Wall Tiles Supplier | MQ STONE