Giallo Siena Marmorplatten

Giallo Siena marble From Italian Quarry, offered By MQ STONE, is a stone with a predominantly dark yellow background, with veins ranging from ivory to light yellow. It is ideally suited to be used in contemporary architectural projects. Therefore, it is commonly used for yellow-golden Italian marble flooring, featuring walls and stairs, and constructing furniture such as sinks, yellow marble bathroom tops, kitchens, and showers. Moreover, Italian Giallo Siena marble is also used for creating objects or can be used in inlays and sculptures.

  1. Marble Products: Giallo Siena Italian Golden Marble Slabs
  2. Marble Color: Golden Siena Marble, Golden Marble
  3. Jumbo Slab Size: 2400upx1200up, 2600upx1400up, 24”x24”,24”x12”,12”x12” mm
  4. Dicke: 18,20,30 mm
  5. Oberfläche: Poliert, geschliffen, gebürstet, beledert
  6. MOQ: 300 SQM
  7. Italian Marble Manufacturer: Masonry Quality Stone
  8. Application: MQ STONE provides 60+ 100% Natural Italian Marble For Wall Facade, Dinner Table, Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops For Commercial and Real Estate  Building Interior Projects.
Savana Grau Marmor

Savana Grau Marmor

Item: Indoor Marble Savana Grey Stone For Paving Stone and Stairs
Material: Savana Grey Marble
Größe:2400upx1200up, 2600upx1400up, 24 "x24",24 "x12",12 "x12" mm
Dicke:18,20,30 mm
Oberfläche: Poliert, geschliffen, gebürstet, beledert
MOQ: 100 SQM
Hersteller: Masonry Quality Stone
Anwendung: Marmor für Wandfassade, Esstisch, Küchen- und Badarbeitsplatten für Immobilienprojekte.

Marmorfliesen Nero Marquina

Nero Marquina marble tile products from MQ STONE help achieve a contemporary or classic look when incorporated with our natural marble floor and wall tile collections. Chinese Marble Nero Marquina tiles are excellent when used with Carrara marble or other natural white marble or as a standalone design for walls, backsplashes, countertops, and residential floors.

  1. Marble Products: Chinese Nero Marquina Black Marble Polished Tiles
  2. Marble Stone: Nero Marquina Marble, Chinese Black Marble
  3. Size: 2400upx1200up, 2600upx1400up, 24”x24”,24”x12”,12”x12” mm
  4. Dicke: 18,20,30 mm
  5. Oberfläche: Poliert, geschliffen, gebürstet, beledert
  6. MOQ: 300 SQM
  7. Natural Marble Manufacturer: Masonry Quality Stone
  8. Application: MQ STONE Factory provides 50+ Chinese Natural Marble For Wall Facade, Dinner Table, Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops For Estate Projects.
Emotion Graue Platten

Emotion Graue Platten

Fliesentyp: Einzelne Mosaikfliese
Material: Emotion Grau
Specification mesh size: 12 in. x 12 in. (30.5×30.5cm)
Chipgröße: 15x15mm, 25x25mm, 48x48mm
Thickness: 6-10mm, or customized
One sheet: 0.090m2
Oberflächenbehandlung: poliert
Widerstandsart: frostbeständig
Natürliche Variation: Farbvariation von Naturstein (natürliche Unterschiede in Farbe und Oberfläche)

Calacatta Marmor Bogen Wandpaneel

Calacatta Marmor Bogen Wandpaneel

Artikel: Calacatta White Marble Arc Wandpaneel für Innenprojekte
Material: Calacatta-Marmor
Größe: Individuell zu gestalten
Oberfläche: Poliert, geschliffen, gebürstet
MOQ: Trail Order kann akzeptiert werden.
Fabrik: Mauerwerk Qualität Stein
Anwendung: Hotel, Haus, Villen, Boutique

Kaffeebraune Holzmarmor-Platten

Kaffeebraune Holzmarmor-Platten

Masonry Quality Stone is experienced in cutting Coffee Brown Wooden Marble into various sizes and styles. Moreover, this China Brown Wood Marble has a good physical properties as follow:
1.Bulk Density: 2.75g/cm3;
2.Compressive strength:135Mpa;
3.Water absorption:0.19-0.23%;
4.Brightness: 94 Degree;
5.MOQ: Small orders is acceptable, please contact with us.

Pietra Gray Marmorplatten

Pietra Gray Marmorplatten

The Polished or Honed Pietra Gray Marble Slabs from MQ STONE Factory are the best building material for manufacturing countertops, bathroom sinks, flooring pavings, wall cladding, stairs, tables, and interior and exterior decoration projects. , you can also use these Pietra grey marble tiles with adjustable pedestals in low-traffic areas. With its simple grey background and gorgeous white veins, Pietra Grey brings the place a luxurious, extraordinary look. Its dark gray color makes every home, such as grand hotels, malls, villas, mansions, and other business office buildings, a spectacular modern interior space.

  • Natural Marble Item: Pietra Gray Marble Polished and Honed Slabs
  • Natural Marble: Pietra Grey Marble, Natural Marble
  • Jumbo-Plattengröße: 2400upx1400up, 2000upx1000up
  • Dicke: 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm
  • Oberfläche: Poliert, geschliffen, gebürstet, beledert
  • MOQ: 300 SQM
  • Marble Stone Factory: Masonry Quality Stone
  • Application: MQ STONE factory offers 100+ Natural Marble Stones in slabs and cut-to-size tiles for Indoor Floor Wall Tiles, Bathroom Countertops, Sinks, and basins for commercial and residential projects.
Eiche weiß Marmor

Eiche weiß Marmor

Wir haben eine große Auswahl an weißem Eichenmarmor auf Lager. Wenn Sie auf der Suche nach Platten der Güteklasse A sind, sind wir der Lieferant, den Sie nicht verpassen dürfen. Wir haben derzeit eine neue Charge von Platten, die Größe der großen Platten ist etwa 2700*1600*18mm. Es gibt weniger Kristalllinien, keine roten oder gelben Flecken und keine Risse auf der Oberfläche.

China Graue Holzmarmor-Platten

China Graue Holzmarmor-Platten

Markenname: Mauerwerk Qualität Stein
Product Name: China Grey Wooden Marble
Additional Name: Athens Grey Wooden Marble; Grey Serpeggiante Marble; Ash Wooden Marble.
Surface Finishing: Polished, Honed, Flamed, Leathered, etc
Available Size: Slab: 2400*1200mmUp
Tiles: 305*305mm, 610*610mm, etc
Customize: Size, thickness, surface finishing, etc

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