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Giallo Siena marble From Italian Quarry, offered By MQ STONE, is a stone with a predominantly dark yellow background, with veins ranging from ivory to light yellow. It is ideally suited to be used in contemporary architectural projects. Therefore, it is commonly used for yellow-golden Italian marble flooring, featuring walls and stairs, and constructing furniture such as sinks, yellow marble bathroom tops, kitchens, and showers. Moreover, Italian Giallo Siena marble is also used for creating objects or can be used in inlays and sculptures.
  1. Marble Products: Giallo Siena Italian Golden Marble Slabs
  2. Marble Color: Golden Siena Marble, Golden Marble
  3. Jumbo Slab Size: 2400upx1200up, 2600upx1400up, 24''x24'',24''x12'',12''x12'' mm
  4. Dicke: 18,20,30 mm
  5. Oberfläche: Poliert, geschliffen, gebürstet, beledert
  6. MOQ: 300 SQM
  7. Italian Marble Manufacturer: Masonry Quality Stone
  8. Application: MQ STONE provides 60+ 100% Natural Italian Marble For Wall Facade, Dinner Table, Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops For Commercial and Real Estate  Building Interior Projects.

Yellow Siena Marble Slabs For Interior Floor and Wall Projects

Giallo Siena Marble is a timeless material used in luxury interiors for hundreds of years. It is a golden yellow marble with bold veins and personify elegance, making it an unrivaled preference for architects and architects. Quarried in Italy, this natural and most expensive building decoration material has set its mark in the design world. There is still a widespread desire for high-end residential and industrial projects.


Giallo Siena Marble Slabs are named after the picturesque metropolis of Siena in northern Italy, wherein it was first quarried. The Italian Luxury Yellow marble has embellished many architectural masterpieces over the centuries. It is renowned for its uniform yellow-ocher backdrop dotted with veins that range from a darker yellow to lighter sun shades. The occasional ivory patches appeal to this unique and luxurious marble stone. The color of Marble Giallo Siena is attributed to the iron oxide’s gift, manifesting as minerals like goethite and limonite.

Giallo Siena Golden Marble Tiles and Columns Projects | MQ STONE

  • The Unique Characteristics of Giallo Siena Marble

The particular characteristics of Giallo Siena Yellow Marble make it a popular preference for architects and designers. The formidable and exceptional styles, mixed with its radiant palette, make it an immediate focal factor in any design placement. The colorings of ivory, butter, ochre yellow, and golden and bronze veining create a beautiful, visible effect that is tough to replicate with any other natural marble. Whether polished to an excessivanane sheen or honed to subdued elegance, Giallo Siena Italian Marble guarantees a hint of luxury to any space it graces.

  • Luxury Interior with Giallo Siena Marble

Today’s architects apprehend the beauty and flexibility of Giallo Siena Marble Tile, and it has emerged as a famous desire for high-give-up residential and commercial projects. Designers can use Giallo Siena Marble Tile in many ways, including flooring, wall cladding, countertops, and sculptural pieces. The specific styles lend themselves properly to formidable and putting designs, while the diffused shades of the material can create an understood elegance perfect for extra-subdued environments.

  • Incorporating Giallo Siena Marble into Your Space

If you’re considering incorporating Giallo Siena Golden Yellow Marble into your area, remember a few things. The cloth is enormously tender and porous, so it requires everyday protection to hold it for its first-class. It is also crucial to choose the right end in your project. Polished finishes can create a high-cease appearance. However, they can also highlight scratches and imperfections. Honed finishes, then again, can create a more subdued and stylish look but can be more susceptible to staining.


Specification of Italian Golden Marble


Marble Items Italian Giallo Siena Yellow Marble Slabs
Kantenbearbeitung Flat polished, Full Bullnose, Half bullnose, Ogee, Dupont, etc
Oberflächenveredelung Poliert, gehont, geflammt, gebürstet, sandgestrahlt, Leder, gestockt, grob gepickt, natürlich gespalten, etc.
Anmeldung Weit verbreitet für Innen- und Außendekoration

Natürlicher Marmor
Beliebte Dimensionen

Größe Dicke
Kacheln 300 x 300mm, 600 x 600mm
600 x 300mm, 800 x 800mm etc
10mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 23mm, 30mm etc
Kleine Tafeln 1800(aufwärts) x 600-900(aufwärts)mm 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 23mm, 30mm etc
Große Tafeln 2400(aufwärts) x 1200(aufwärts)mm 20mm, 30mm etc
Arbeitsplatten 96″ x 25.5″, 108″ x 26″, 96″ x26″
108″ x 25″ usw.
3/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ etc
Island Tops 96″x36″, 108″x36″, 96″x40″, 72″x36″ etc 3/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ etc
Waschtischplatten 31″x22″, 37″x22″, 49″x22″, 61″x22″,
73″x22″ etc
3/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ etc
Trittstufe & Setzstufe 1000~1300x300x20/30mm & 1000~1300x150x20mm


High Quality and Luxury Italian Marble Slabs in Warehouses

Giallo Siena Marble Slabs can be used in various settings, including gold marble tiles, columns, luxury marble coffee tables, and other furniture items. For example, Giallo Siena Yellow Marble is one of the best materials for a luxury item such as a gold marble dining table.

Giallo Siena in Modern Design:
  • Today’s architects apprehend Giallo Siena Marble for its unmistakable, ambitious characteristics. Encapsulating hues of ivory, butter, ochre yellow and decorated with golden and bronze veining, it turns into an on-the-spot focal point in any design. Whether polished to an excessive sheen or honed to subdued beauty, Giallo Siena promises luxury to any area it graces.

Versatility in Application:

  • From highly-priced lodges and swanky villas to modern places of work and tranquil farmhouses, Giallo Siena Marble from MQ STONE is versatile, becoming seamlessly into diverse architectural initiatives. Its numerous applications encompass wall panels, floor tiles, countertops, vanities, and staircases. Such a wide variety of usability makes it a perfect choice for now, not just interiors but exteriors too, adding grandeur anywhere it’s miles placed.

Historically, Giallo Siena has stood as a testimony to the grandeur of the Italian Renaissance. Adorning palaces, cathedrals, and villas, its saffron, deep vanilla, and tawny bronze swathes had been synonymous with luxury. A cornerstone of Italian artistry, this marble has witnessed epochs, making it not simply a material but a piece of history.


Giallo Siena Italian Marble Slabs

For those seeking to elevate their Real Estate Kitchen and Bathroom Projects or infuse a detail of conventional luxury into commercial areas, MQ STONE’s Giallo Siena Marble offers many alternatives. Be it countertops in an expensive lodge, wall claddings in a luxury villa, or floor designs in a modern-day mall, its exceptional look guarantees that it stays unheard of in style and beauty.


Giallo Siena Golden Marble Slabs

Yellow Siena Marble Slabs

Yellow Siena Marble Slabs

Golden Siena Marble Slabs


The golden colors present in Giallo Siena Marble Slabs have been associated with luxury and wealth. Combined with the unique patterning, these characteristics will give all who use this stone in their projects an exclusive expression of warmth and prestige.

Italy Golden Yellow Giallo Siena marble is distinguished by its subtleties, ranging from yellow ocher to a more vivid yellow and, occasionally, a reddish yellow. The backdrop has thin veins and fractures and is intersected by white or ivory strong veining and light grey veins, which give this material a distinctive and unusual appearance. Giallo Siena marble has a timeless appearance and is ideal for interior applications, facings, and decorative or everyday products.




Giallo Siena Marmorplatten EN 13755-08 Water absorption at atmospheric pressure % 0,18 0,02
Giallo Siena Marmorplatten EN 1936-07 Apparent Density K.G./m3 2700 5,5
Giallo Siena Marmorplatten EN 1936-07 Open porosity % 0,47 0,05
Giallo Siena Marmorplatten EN 12372-07 Flexural strength
(in natural conditions) MPa 16,9 3,3
(EN 12371-03 exposed to 48 frost cycles MPa 13,5 2,3
Giallo Siena Marmorplatten EN 1926-07 Uniaxial compressive strength MPa 82,6 18,8
Giallo Siena Marmorplatten EN 14231-04 Slip resistance (honed finishing)
(dry) SERV 48 3
(wet) USRV 14 0,9


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The Giallo Siena Marble in MQ STONE Factory is an undying and exquisite fabric used in luxurious interiors for hundreds of years. Its precise traits and stunning styles make it an unrivaled desire for architects and designers looking to create a formidable and hanging design. Whether used as flooring, wall cladding, countertops, or sculptural pieces, Giallo Siena Marble guarantees luxury to any space it graces. As architects and designers continue to seek unique materials that speak a language of elegance, Giallo Siena stands tall, promising timeless beauty and unparalleled sophistication.

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