Tipps zur Tiefenreinigung von Marmorböden

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Instructions for Deep Cleaning Marble Floors

Marmor ist eine Art von Kalkstein und besteht hauptsächlich aus Kalziumkarbonat, das in Naturstein, Muscheln und Perlen vorkommt. Marmor ist ein weicher, poröser Stein, der anfällig für Flecken, Kratzer und säurehaltige Lösungen ist, aber mit der richtigen Pflege wird er für lange Zeit schön bleiben.

Marble floors should be deep cleaned at least monthly or more often if needed in high-traffic areas.

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 1. Dry Mop First
Always use a dry dust mop to start the deep cleaning task to trap loose dust and debris. If you skip this step, you'll just be pushing around excess dirt with your damp mop.
2.    Mix a Cleaning Solution
In a bucket or sink, mix a solution of warm water and mild, neutral pH soap. Follow the product label for the correct ratio of water to the cleaning agent.
Fill a second bucket or sink with clean water to use for rinsing the floor.
There are specialty soaps formulated for marble or you can use a very dilute solution of just a few drops of dishwashing soap per gallon of water.
3.    Mop and Rinse
Dip a soft, cotton, or microfiber mop in the cleaning solution and wring well. The floor does not need to be sopping wet. Work in a small area, rinsing the mop frequently to remove dirt.
As you complete the area, dip the mop in plain water and carefully rinse the freshly mopped floor to remove any soapy residue left behind. This is an important step to keep the marble from yellowing and looking dull.

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