Black Basalt Tiles for Landscaping Project

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Black Basalt stone is a well-known and reliable, whether in design or durability. It is a simple dark gray, relatively consistent overall color. There may be slight difference in color tone within each tile, which increases the effect of natural stone. No sign of pattern or texture, making it ideal for those who want gem uniform.

5 Rock face Black Basalt.jpg

Its wear resistance from its geology. As igneous rocks, basalts break the crust and hot lava rapidly cooled is formed at. 

This helps the formation of small crystals in the whole stone, thereby producing the effect of medium-sized particles. Although it is naturally porous, but because of its pores, once the stone is sealed, it will become very very durable and dirt. 

This makes it ideal for home use in almost any area, including a large water may occur bathroom and hallway and kitchen and other high traffic areas. 

Black Basalt can aslo be widely used for exterior applications, such as garden terraces,landscaping,steps, pavers,stills, floors and walls.

Black basalt tiles can be processed in different finishes with various size.


Here are projects' pictures for your view:


Flamed top+5 Rockface edges


Flamed+Waterjet tops and edges


Flamed+Waterjet tops,sawn edges


Flamed+Waterjet Tops

19CM steps

If you're interested in this high-quality black basalt, please do not hesitate to contact us.