Countertop installation

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Countertop installation


Installation of countertop stone (mainly wash basin and dressing table)

In the installation of the countertop, please note that the lower baffle of the countertop cannot be fixed with glue, because the glue has a "lifetime" and is in contact with liquid for a long time. Once it fails, the lower baffle is easy to fall off and hurt people. The treatment method should be a combination of glue and stainless steel pendants. The weight of the lower baffle is mainly considered to allow the pendants to be transferred to the steel frame. After the platform is installed, the stone and the basin must be sealed with weather-resistant glue to prevent the marble glue from failing under the action of water for a long time.

Thin plate or 20mm plate after splitting (usually used in bathroom or clean room):

Grassroots treatment,hanging vertical line alignment (including the use of a ruler),wiping the bottom mortar,placing stone,surface jointing and wiping; the thickness of the wet layer is generally about 12mm

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