इस ग्रेनाइट सामग्री में काफी मात्रा में पानी होता है

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This granite material contains a considerable amount of water, and the presence of this water accelerates the progress of the action and causes the granite material to form tiny veins and penetrate into the gneiss. The existence of water explains the formation of fine-grained rock veins with narrow and small resistance extending far away; if other methods are used to explain their formation, considerable difficulties will be encountered.

Generally speaking, granite generally forms a huge rock foundation. In fact, these rock foundations are rarely granite, and most of them are composed of mountain granite amphibolites, steep rocks and quartz diorite. However, some granites are thought to form rock caps, rock basins or rock domes. Determining the occurrence of granite is a very important issue. The terms used to describe the occurrence have a causal meaning from the perspective of those who adopt them.