What is Flexible Ultra Thin Stone Panel?

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Backlit Fliexible Ultra Thin Onyx Panel in Applie Store MQ STONE

What is a Flexible, Ultra-thin Stone Veneer?

You are familiar with granite, marble, small gravel, strip, and rough stone. Still, there is a stone that is as thin as paper, bendable, translucent, and has various shapes, which completely subverts your understanding of stone. , it is – ultra-thin stone panel. Its natural texture, 1-2 mm thickness, 1.5 kg weight, and 360-degree bendability have unparalleled advantages in wall applications. Many novel designs are born from flexible applications, resulting in breathtaking works.

Ultra Thin Flexible Stone Panel Factory MQ STONE
Ultra Thin Flexible Stone Panel Factory MQ STONE
  • 01: Natural stone or artificial stone?

The ultra-thin, flexible stone veneer uses naturally layered rocks such as slate and sandstone in nature and uses modern nanotechnology to peel off the layers. It ultimately retains the lines and texture of natural stone. It is the crystallization of nature’s uncanny craftsmanship and contemporary technology. Its natural texture is incomparable to imitation stone materials.

What is ultra thin flexible Stone Panel MQ STONE
What is an ultra-thin flexible Stone Panel MQ STONE

02: What are the classifications of ultra-thin stones?

In addition to shale and sandstone, naturally layered stones, contemporary nanotechnology can also extract raw marble. The different stone materials can be divided into slate ultra-thin stone, sandstone ultra-thin stone, and marble ultra-thin stone. Sandstone ultra-thin stone has a strong graininess and a wavy texture on the surface, but it is easy to absorb dirt; slate ultra-thin stone is purer in color and has higher hardness than sandstone; marble ultra-thin stone has a delicate surface texture and the most decadent pattern patterns.

03: Why can an ultra-thin stone be bent?

After the natural stone is separated using nanotechnology, the material has specific bending characteristics with relatively low thickness. At the same time, the separated materials are mostly bonded and fixed with soft glass fiber and fiberglass polyester, which further ensures the stability of the material when bending.
The bendable ultra-thin stone is not only more convenient for decorating indoor curved structures.

It can also break the original modeling system of rock and present a different effect. In the Sunac·Jiutianyicheng project in Renshou County, Sichuan, the thickness of the stone is connected with the winding path of the skylight. The designer used ultra-thin stone to create a winding canyon of light.

Flexible Ultra Thin Backlit Veneer Projects MQ STONE
Flexible Ultra Thin Backlit Veneer Projects MQ STONE

Cotton and linen cloth are also commonly used adhesive and fixing materials for ultra-thin stones. The ultra-thin stones of the woven series are softer and can be bent and folded to a higher degree. Therefore, they are primarily used in furniture, lighting, digital products, and other finishes to give small-scale industrial products a different aesthetic meaning.

04: Why can ultra-thin stone transmit light?

Replace adhesive fixing materials such as fiberglass and polyester with light-transmitting resin, then lay ultra-thin stones on tempered glass or plexiglass to increase strength. After polishing, the ultra-thin stone becomes translucent. The subtle changes in texture and color of the stone are more evident under the flickering light and shadow, and the visual effect is excellent.

  • 05: How thin is an ultra-thin stone?

Ultra-thin stone is mainly composed of natural stone peeled off and layered and a backing plate that plays a bonding and stabilizing role. The existing nano-layering technology can separate the rock into layers of only 0.5mm. With the adhesive backing of various materials, the ultra-thin stone can be as thin as 1~2mm, and the weight per square meter can reach about 1.5kg.

Flexible Backlit Ultra Thin Onyx Marble Wall Tiles Projects MQ STONE
Flexible Backlit Ultra Thin Onyx Marble Wall Tiles Projects MQ STONE
  • Material properties | Flexible Ultra Thin Stone Veneers
  1. Ultra-thin, ultra-light, easy to construct;
  2. The surface is made of natural stone with a natural texture and cannot be copied;
  3. Fireproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant;
  4. Environmentally friendly, no pollution, no radiation;
  5. It can be compounded on different materials and has high strength. The ultra-thin flexible stone panel is not an imitation stone product. It uses the layered nature of rock and nanotechnology to separate it from natural rock in layers, ultimately retaining the natural texture and texture of the stone. Each surface is unique, and not imitation stone products are film-printed with product textures.

Ultra-thin stone’s natural, ultra-thin, ultra-light, and “bendable” product characteristics are highly praised by designers and widely used in the design, mainly indoor background walls, bathrooms, outdoor walls, columns, and curved walls—body, etc.
Due to its excellent properties, the ultra-thin stone is suitable for use on various flat and non-powdering substrates (wood boards, metal plates, acrylic, glass, ceramic tiles, cement boards, cement calendering, gypsum boards, etc.). It has unparalleled advantages.

Application Rages of Ultra Thin Flexible Stone Panel:

Ultra-thin stone continues to promote new directions in home design. Wall materials extend to creative applications such as home decorations and electronic products, breaking the pattern that ultra-thin stone can only be used for wall decoration.

  • | Furniture and cabinet applications |

When selecting materials for furniture and cabinet finishes, great emphasis is placed on being light, thin, and easy to construct. Traditional stone is thick and heavy and is not suitable for finishes. However, MQ STONE ultra-thin stone meets this characteristic, and the natural elements of wood and stone are naturally integrated, complementing each other in furniture and cabinet applications.

Ultra Thin Flexible Wall Panel for commercial building projects MQ STONE
Ultra Thin Flexible Wall Panel for commercial building projects MQ STONE
  • | Translucent applications |

The light-transmitting series of MQ STON’s Flexible ultra-thin stone panel, the back panel is made of transparent polyester, the light-transmitting effect coupled with the ultra-thin and ultra-light characteristics under the light, exudes the natural stone pattern that has lasted for thousands of years, and is not an ordinary light-transmitting cloud. The effect of stone can be compared.

  • | Electronic products and creative applications |

When electronic products traditionally use stone texture elements as accessories, they use imitation or printed stone texture. No natural stone products have been used. This is due to the heavy weight of traditional stone. Nowadays, the lightness and thinness of stone allow natural stones to be used in electronic product accessories.

  • | Rock Landscaping |

It is known that rock landscaping is made of stacked materials such as earth and stone. MQ STONE respects the spirituality endowed by nature to all things, attaching ultra-thin stones to the stretches of mountains, allowing you to feel the mountains and the strange and beautiful realm of all things.

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