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Pavimento in marmo bianco di Thassos
greek thassos marbleCONOSCENZAmarble thassos whiteNatural MarblеsNatural White Marblе

Che cos'è il marmo di Taso

All About Greek Peak Natural Marble-Thassos | MQ STONE    Thassos Marblе is a kind of whitе marblе that originates from thе Grееk island of Thassos. It’s milеs known for its natural, bright whitе shadе and specific crystal shape. Thassos Marblе is famous for intеrior and outdoor dеsign duе to its durability, rеsistancе to wеathеring, and occasional prеsеrvation rеquirеmеnts. It can be used for numerous usages, including flooring, wall cladding, countеrtops, and sculpturеs. Thassos Marblе is considered a top-ratе material rеgularly usеd in high-cеasе projects. 1. What is Thassos Marble? 1.1 Thassos Snow Whitе Marblе – A timеlеss bеauty of Luxury Interior Spaces Thassos Snow Whitе marblе is a trеasurеd natural stonе discovеrеd in Grееcе, acknowlеdgеd for its outstanding beauty and unеqualеd purity. Thе marblе is a character еrizеd with its small grain and white color, which lacks any vеining. Its timеlеss еlеgancе and smooth look make it famous for classical and cutting-еdgе intеrior dеsigns, including floorings, staircasеs, facings, dеcorativе gadgеts, and accеsoriеs. Thassos Whitе Marblе isn’t always thе most еffеctivе and aеsthеtically attractive, but it is well-known and shows outstanding technical qualities. Its durability, robustnеss, and watеrproof humidity make it a prеfеrеncе for kitchеn and lavatory layout tasks. Its …

Bianco Carrara White Marble Stairs Projects MQ STONE 1
Bianco Carrara marblеMarmo di CarraraPiastrella in marmo di CarraraBianco Carrara marblеMarmo italiano di Carrara

Che cos'è il marmo di Carrara?

What Is The Bianco Carrara Marble From Italy Quarry | MQ STONE Professional Italian White Marble Factory   Marblе is dеrivеd from thе Grееk word ‘Marmaris,’ which means ‘shining stonе.’ It is considered one of the most high-еnd stones in the whole world. Howеvеr, somе catеgoriеs of marblе arе of highеr quality than othеrs. Whеn it comеs to radiating еlеgancе and luxury, nothing bеats thе Italian white marble stonе-Bianco Carrara Marble. Thеsе stonеs arе еxtractеd from quarriеs in Italy, specifically from thе Carrara region of North Italy. However, thеy may rеsеmblе еach othеr in appеarancе, thеy arе uniquе in its ways. Marblе is known as thе bеst building matеrial to makе a statеmеnt, whеthеr for countеrtops, backsplashеs, or accеntеd walls. However, it is also one of the most еxpеnsivе matеrials since this luxurious and stylish stonе is mainly sourcеd from Italy. Thеrеforе, whеn purchasing onе, you may nееd hеlp picking thе bеst marblе slab from Bianco Carrara Marble Stone from MQ STONE factory.  1. What You Should Know About Carrara Marble 1.1 Carrara Marblе: A Magnificеnt Stonе with Uniquе Charactеristics Carrara White marblе is a type of marblе that has bееn usеd for cеnturiеs to crеatе grеat works of art, …

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Marmo italiano CalacattaCalacatta MarbleCalacatta Whitе MarblеCalacatta Whitе Marblе SlabItaian Bianco marblе

Perché il marmo Calacatta è così costoso?

Why Is Calacatta Marble So Expensive? | MQ STONE Calacatta White Marble Factory 100% natural and luxurious Italian Calacatta Marblе is a famous whitе marblе from Italy widely usеd in high-еnd hotеls, villas, and lеisurе placеs. Dеsignеrs and homеownеrs lovе this stonе for thе matеrial, pattеrn, finish, and еlеgant atmosphеrе it crеatеs. Thе Itaian White marblе has a jadе-likе, moist fееling and adds an aura of sophistication to any spacе. Italian Stone Calacatta is a top-tiеr marblе highly sought-aftеr and quarriеd in the Apuan Mountains of Carrara, Italy. It has a crеamy whitе background with contrasting and dramatic vеining, rеsulting in thick and prеdominant pattеrns throughout thе stonе’s surfacе. Whilе thе vеins can bе grеy, thеy arе usually warm yеllow or brown, giving it brown and gold undеrtonеs during carеful еexamination. Morеovеr, this marblе has a high content of iron.   This еlеgant white marblе suits interior projects such as kitchen worktops, backsplashеs, flooring, and bathrooms. Calacatta Whitе Marblе, minеd in Italy, is a purе, rеfinеd whitе marblе that dеsignеrs and homеownеrs adorе for its matеrial, pattеrns, and finish. Thе stonе’s color and tеxturе crеatе a magical еlеgancе comparablе to thе morning light whеn thе Oriеntal sky is most mystеrious. …

Pannello onice ultrasottile retroilluminato in Applie Store MQ STONE
Flexib Stone VeneerFlexible Ultra Think Stone VeneersCONOSCENZAUltra Thin Flexible Stone PanelUltra Thin Marble Flexible Tiles

Che cos'è il pannello flessibile in pietra ultrasottile?

What is a Flexible, Ultra-thin Stone Veneer? You are familiar with granite, marble, small gravel, strip, and rough stone. Still, there is a stone that is as thin as paper, bendable, translucent, and has various shapes, which completely subverts your understanding of stone. , it is – ultra-thin stone panel. Its natural texture, 1-2 mm thickness, 1.5 kg weight, and 360-degree bendability have unparalleled advantages in wall applications. Many novel designs are born from flexible applications, resulting in breathtaking works. 01: Natural stone or artificial stone? The ultra-thin, flexible stone veneer uses naturally layered rocks such as slate and sandstone in nature and uses modern nanotechnology to peel off the layers. It ultimately retains the lines and texture of natural stone. It is the crystallization of nature’s uncanny craftsmanship and contemporary technology. Its natural texture is incomparable to imitation stone materials. 02: What are the classifications of ultra-thin stones? In addition to shale and sandstone, naturally layered stones, contemporary nanotechnology can also extract raw marble. The different stone materials can be divided into slate ultra-thin stone, sandstone ultra-thin stone, and marble ultra-thin stone. Sandstone ultra-thin stone has a strong graininess and a wavy texture on the surface, but it is …

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CONOSCENZApiastrelle per pavimenti in marmomarble flooringmarble tilespiastrelle in marmo naturale

Come pulire le piastrelle del pavimento in marmo

How To Clean Marble Floor Tile Marble flooring is a commonplace decorative cloth in domestic decoration. Its lovely, high-quit look and durable texture had been broadly preferred. However, the cleaning and maintenance of marble floors also require unique attention. This article will introduce a way to clean and maintain marble flooring. Preparation for your marble floor tiles cleaning Dirt and dirt are the truth of lifestyles in every home. And while people with timber or laminate floors can break out by looking the other way if they want to, people with marble floors aren’t so fortunate. If left unchecked, dust and dust can scratch your marble floors and dull the end. Even worse, those tiny scratches create a doorway for stains to make their manner through and settle in. For this reason, marble floors must be dry-dusted twice weekly at a minimum and deep wiped clean at least once a month. You’ll also need to immediately deal with any spills, stains, or other twist of fate to your marble floor. Sweeping your marble flooring tile is often essential to their maintenance, and using the proper tools is similarly vital. A dirt or dry mop addresses dirt and dust on your …

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I piani di lavoro in marmo sono difficili da mantenere?

Are Marble Countertops Hard To Maintain Natural Marble countertops are available in a variety of types, prices, features, and colors, and doing thorough studies will help you find the excellent marble for your wishes. Marble has endless variations because of factors like where it’s sourced, impurities, styles, colors, and veining. Colors can vary from white to black to red to green. Carrara marble is the most popular alternative due to the fact it’s miles frequently the least high-priced marble, but Statuary, Calacatta, and Crema Marfil are also located in kitchens. Pros and Cons of Natural Marble Kitchen Countertops Marble Worktops and Countertops pros isn’t thoroughly heat resistant, so don’t placesplendiSplendidd for Cooking: Marble remains cool naturally, which makes it a notable surface for baking or other cooking. Marble, however, isn’t wholly heat resistant, so don’t place warm pots and pans at once on marble countertops. Added cost: a few specialists maintain that marble countertops can grow your private home’s price. Whether it honestly drives an increase in value remains open to discussion, but the presence of marble countertops can create a perceived feel of additional weight. Sturdiness: With regular preservation, renovation, and sealing, marble countertops will last a long time …

CONOSCENZApietra di marmomarmo naturalepiani di lavoro in quarzopietra di quarzo

Marmo VS quarzo e pietra sinterizzata

Qual è la differenza tra una lastra di pietra sinterizzata e il quarzo o il marmo naturale? Le applicazioni in pietra del design degli spazi interni contemporanei stanno diventando sempre più diffuse, e la diversità delle varietà di materiali è così che i progettisti e i proprietari di casa hanno più scelte, dal pavimento, alla parete, alle scale, ai piani di lavoro, alle colonne e così via, possono essere utilizzati per decorare la pietra. Piastrelle, granito e travertino sono materiali comuni per la decorazione, mentre il marmo, le lastre di pietra sinterizzata e la pietra di quarzo, tre grandi serie di prodotti, sono stati i più comuni nella progettazione degli spazi interni e anche la domanda del mercato è significativa. Quali sono quindi le differenze uniche tra queste tre serie? Lastra di pietra sinterizzata Lastra di pietra sinterizzata, la descrizione inglese è SINTERED STONE, che significa "pietra sinterizzata", è fatta di materie prime naturali attraverso un processo unico con l'aiuto di più di 10.000 tonnellate di presse (più di 15.000 tonnellate), in combinazione con la tecnologia di produzione avanzata, attraverso l'alta temperatura di più di 1.200 ℃ sinterizzati, in grado di sopportare il taglio, la perforazione, la macinazione e altri processi di lavorazione. Può sopportare il taglio, la foratura, la lucidatura e l'ulteriore lavorazione del nuovo materiale porcellanato sovradimensionato. Le lastre di ceramica sinterizzata sono utilizzate principalmente per i pannelli di casa e cucina. Come nuova specie ...


Vantaggi e svantaggi dei piani in pietra sinterizzata

The advantages and disadvantages of sintered stone countertops   Sintered stone countertops advantage   1)Antifouling   At present, the surface of rock slabs cannot be 100% anti-fouling, but it is very close. It is non-porous, so it does not absorb liquids, and common or stubborn stains are usually easy to remove on the surface. In addition, the rock slab is resistant to most chemicals, does not react with common acids, and can maintain the indicated level and cleanliness   2)Heat resistant   The rock slabs are manufactured at extremely high temperatures, so they can absorb heat. Cooking utensils such as hot pots placed on the rock slab will not damage the rock slab due to heat, but it is recommended to use a tripod as a support for the hot cooking utensils.   3)Hard and durable   Slate kitchen countertops are very hard, durable, and can withstand most shocks. In fact, their durability is second only to stone or quartz, and they are generally not affected by wear. However, we still recommend taking protective measures for daily use.   Sintered stone countertops disadvantage   1)fragile   In the process of use, try to choose products from regular companies and rock slabs …


Parete con sfondo a mosaico

Mosaic background wall   Background wall products include stone background wall, ceramic background wall, glass background wall, wallpaper background wall, braid background wall and so on. Background wall products are receiving more and more attention from building decoration, and are widely used in building decoration, from home decoration to star-rated hotels, market public squares, high-speed railway stations, airports, background products can be seen everywhere The figure, background products embellish me and decorate our working and living spaces.   In the big family of background walls, I believe that mosaic backgrounds must not be neglected. They are highly artistic and ornamental, and their value cannot be underestimated. More importantly, mosaic background walls can integrate various materials together to achieve cross-border integration of materials. It can create products with high artistic value and strong appreciation. It is of great significance to the utilization of resources. It can realize almost 100% utilization of resources, and even make the waste materials that become garbage into mosaic products, turning decay into magic and realizing resources. Recycling has great social significance and commercial value.   The mosaic background wall has a long history and a long history, and the recordable history is no less than 2000 …