How Do Oriental Designers Use White Marbles?

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Calacatta marble interior wall cladding

Oriental designers are particularly fond of ink mood, just like the literati love ink painting in the white, landscape burnt ink halo staining, and in the white series and especially the Calacatta, Statuario Etc. are the top choice, the unique nature marble texture and Chinese landscape pattern.

Mr. Qiu Deguang, whom well Known as the master of the new decorativism,  is very fond of the white series of marble, in its many interior design works have been used.

Calacatta White Marble Facade

Today let's show you how do the Oriental Master Designers use white marbles.

Master design approach

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1. Stacking and de-weighting of stone:

The use of the same type or color stone in the space stacked to form a unified texture and space rhythm embodiment, while in order to moderate the use of more stone to produce a heavy feeling, you can match light and soothing decorations on top of the soft furnishings, such as knitted or fabric, more advanced approach is to use transparent series of materials to do the division of the stone interface elements, go to the weight of the lighter treatment.

Case-Qiu Deguang-Suzhou Tangbei Asama 107 Villa


The white marble staircase and the Calacatta White wall facade control the overall white tone of the space.

Calacatta Luxury marble villa chinese manufacturer

Transparent silver foil veneer paneling on the edge of the treads

Calacatta White Marble Staircase

In order to keep the stairs from becoming an obstruction to the view, the designer used a stack of marble materials and silver foil on the edge of the marble steps. Under the reflection of light and shadow, the silver foil holds up the steps like a transparent ribbon, making the whole volume of the stairs lighter and even detached from the wall, with the final effect that when viewed from outside to inside, the stairs are suspended in the air like a three-dimensional sculpture.

2. Pixelated cutting treatment of Calacatta marble:

The Calacatta White marble itself is already rich in pattern and pure texture, but the use of interface division pattern collage processing makes this landscape pattern recombination becomes more changeful.

Case-Qiu Deguang-Suzhou Tangbei Asama 107 Villa


Calacatta Vanity Wall