Pietra lavica atlantica

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MQ STONE's Chinese Atlantic Lava Stone is an utterly unique granite/quartzite called Sky Blue Galaxy Grey and Acquasol. It has a specific ash blue heritage with a fine and dense grain and veins that upload movement and individual to each block. This stone is highly resistant to wear and weather, making it an exquisite desire for various interior and exterior applications. It can create anything from stylish kitchen worktops to long-lasting outside floor and building exterior wall facades. The surface of Atlantic Lava Stone is straightforward to polish, and it can face up to extra intrusive finishes like leathered, sandblasting, or bush-hammering.
  1. Natural Lavastone Item: Chinese Atlantic Grey Lava Stone Leathered Slabs and Tiles
  2. Chinese Natural Stone: Atlantic Lava Stone, Atlantic Lavastone Granite, Atlantic Lavastone Quartzite, Galaxy Grey Quartzite, New Atlantic Grey Lava Stone
  3. Dimensione lastra Jumbo: 2400upx1400up, 2000upx1000up
  4. Spessore: Lucido, levigato, acido, spazzolato
  5. MOQ: 300 SQM
  6. Natural Lavastone Factory: Masonry Quality Stone
  7. Application: High-quality Natural Grey Lava Stone Slabs in the MQ STONE factory for Indoor Floor Wall Tiles, Bathroom Countertops, Sinks, and basins for commercial and residential projects.

Chinese Atlantic Grey Lava Stone Leathered Slabs and Cut-to-Size Tiles

Atlantic Lava Stone slabs from MQ STONE Factory are suitable for folks who want to bring a hint of natural beauty to their interior or exterior spaces. This Chinese beginning stone is a fundamental quartzite that embodies the energy and beauty of volcanic rocks. Its veined structure and nuanced sunglasses make it a perfect desire for fashionable spaces. Available in leathered or brushed floor finishes, Atlantic Lava Stone slabs are suitable for kitchen countertops and other surfaces requiring hardness and acid resistance.

Atlantic Grey Lava Stone Kitchen Countertops Designs MQ STONE

  • Grey Atlantic Lava Stone: A Unique Quartzite Material

Atlantic Grey Lava Stone Quartzite is one of the most complex stone substances that nature itself produces. This stone is a unique and exquisite fabric with its calm grey base tone paying homage to worn black jeans and scattered clear strains in warm white and rusty tones. In terms of look, quartzite is more reminiscent of marble than granite in its patterning because many quartzites have enormous irregular patterns and contours. Atlantic Grey Lava Stone Quartzite has excessive resistance to numerous acids, scratches, warmness, and stains, making it a notable desire for kitchen countertops, lavatory surfaces, or tabletops.

  • Atlantic Lava Stone Countertops: Timeless Elegance and Durability

Bridging the distance between contemporary layout and nature’s artistry, Atlantic Lava Stone is a testament to quartzite’s timeless beauty and durability. Whether you select a leathered or brushed surface slab, Atlantic Lava Stone countertops will become the cynosure of cutting-edge interiors. This natural material can resist the most commonplace wear and tear exposure to a kitchen, bathroom, or tabletop, making it a fantastic preference for such environments. Its versatility and durability make it a desirable choice for designers and owners alike.

  • Atlantic Lava Stone Quartzite: More Than Just a Stone Material

Atlantic Lava Stone Quartzite is more significant than only a stone material. Its specific shades of grey, sprinkled with black grains and adorned with white streaks, sometimes witness amber inclusions, developing a traditional and cutting-edge palette. Whether you select a leathered or brushed floor slab, Atlantic Lava Stone Quartzite will show off a notable array of blue and grey hues. Its natural styles, reminiscent of the Earth’s creative splendors, have made it a perfect desire for each kitchen and bathroom bathrooms. The darkish grains and streaks at the stone’s surface can effects remodel a space, lending it an aura of class and comfort.

1: Standard Sizes of Leathered Atlantic Lava Stone Slabs and Countertops


Leathered Antiqued Finish Atlantic Grey Lava stone Quartzite Granite Slabs For Countertops and Cut-to-Size Tiles
  1. We can supply this Atlantic Grey Lavastone Sky Blue Quartzite Granite stone by:

  2. Full slab size 2400-3000up x 1200-1800up
  3. formato mezza lastra 1800-2400up x 600/700/800up
  4. Tagliare a misura 300×600, 600×600, 800×800, 1200×600, ecc.
  5. Gradino 1100/1300/1500×330/350x30mm+ alzata 1100/1300/1500×330/350x20mm
  6. Piano d'appoggio e piano del bagno da 20 mm / 30 mm, piano della panca e piano di lavoro, secondo le vostre dimensioni
  7. Kerbstone/curbstone/border stone 100/150/200/250×150/200/250/300x1000mm, etc.
  8. Pavimenti e pietra cubica, 100×100, 150×150, 200×200, 250x250 mm, ecc.
  9. Pietra di copertura, 300×600, 400×800 con bordo di battuta, ecc.
  10. Davanzale, pietra per gradini, pavimentazione di vialetti, pietra da intaglio, ecc.
  11. Accettato qualsiasi formato personalizzato in base ai vostri progetti
 Thickness 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm, etc
Lucidato, levigato, fiammato, bocciardato, sabbiato, anticato, ecc.
Hotel, office building, apartment, kitchen, exterior wall, park, square, etc



2. Leathered Surface of Atlantic Lava Stone Jumbo Slabs


  • Leathered Atlantic Stone Slabs: A Natural Material That Withstands Wear and Tear

Atlantic Grey Lava Stone Slabs are the right desire for individuals who want to convey a hint of nature to their interior or exterior spaces. This natural building stone suits kitchen countertops, toilet surfaces, or tabletops. Whether you choose a leathered or brushed floor slab, Atlantic Grey Lava Stone will show off an outstanding array of blue and gray colorings. Its natural styles, harking back to the Earth’s creative splendors, have made it an ideal desire for modern-day layout.

  • Atlantic Grey Lava Stone Tile: Resilience and Ease of Maintenance

Atlantic Grey Lava Stone Tile is a wholly unique and beautiful fabric famed for its resilience and ease of renovation. This natural grey lava stone can face up to the maximum not unusual put on and tear that a kitchen, lavatory, or tabletop is uncovered, making it a top-notch preference for such environments. Its versatility and sturdiness make it a desire for designers and house owners alike.

Pietra lavica atlantica


Atlantic Lava Stone Leathered Slabs

Atlantic Lava Stone For Leathered Floor Tiles

Atlantic Grey Lava Stone

Atlantic Lava Stone Leathered Slabs


  • Atlantic Lava Stone Granite: A Perfect Choice for Diverse Design Needs

Atlantic Lava Stone Granite is a super preference for various layout needs. Whether you pick a leathered or brushed surface slab, this natural material excels in aesthetics and functionality. With its standard dimensions of 272 x 185 and available in each 2cm honed and 3cm polished thicknesses, it caters to various layout needs. Its herbal styles and sun shades make it an excellent desire for cutting-edge design, lending any space an air of mystery, class, and luxury.

  • Applications Beyond Imaginations with Atlantic Grey Lava Stone Slabs and Tiles:

The Atlantic Lava Stone’s versatility stretches beyond kitchen countertops. It unearths the delight of place in vanities, showers, hearth mantels, tables, and numerous architectural elements. Its power and beauty make it a perfect choice for each residential and commercial space.

Atlantic Lava Stone Tiles

Atlantic Lava Stone Floor Tiles

Atlantic Lava Stone Tiles

Atlantic Lava Stone Brushed Tiles

Atlantic Lava Stone Brushed Tiles

 3. Chinese Leading Grey Atlantic Lava Stone Leathered Slabs and Tiles Factory


Chinese Leading Grey Lava Stone Slabs and Cut-to-Size Tiles Factory | MQ STONE

Dedicated to imparting the finest natural stones, MQ STONE introduces its Atlantic Lava Stone series. Tailored for indoor and outside applications, it boasts several merchandise, from wall claddings to floor tiles and countertops to vanities. The leathered Atlantic Grey Lava Stone stands out, making it the perfect shape for luxury spaces, including villas, inns, and modern-day residential initiatives.

The Atlantic Lava Stone, with its distinct look and unyielding sturdiness, is a natural marvel. When integrated into architectural designs, it decorates the aesthetics and provides a tangible price to the distance. Whether you’re a property owner seeking a hint of luxury or a dressmaker aiming for perfection, this quartzite is essential to a realm of undying beauty.

Professional Atlantic Grey Lava Stone Slabs and Tiles Factory | MQ STONE