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Silver Wave Marble, with its spell-binding interplay of black, gray, and white veins, represents the pinnacle of luxury and class in natural marble stones. Known for including depth and man or woman in any area, this elegant stone, reminiscent of the historical rings of a venerable tree, captures the essence of nature's artistry.
  • Item: Unique Vein Matched Black Marble Tiles-Silver Wave
  • Material: Silver Wave Marble, Ancient Wooden Marble
  • Dimensioni: 2400upx1200up, 2600upx1400up, 24''x24'', 24''x12'', 12''x12'' mm
  • Spessore: 18, 20, 30 mm
  • Superficie: Lucidato, levigato, spazzolato, cuoiato
  • MOQ: 100 SQM
  • Marmo Produttore: Masonry Quality Stone
  • Applicazione: 100% Marmo naturale per la facciata della parete, tavolo da pranzo, cucina, e controsoffitti del bagno per progetti immobiliari.

Chinese Black Wooden Marble Tiles | Silver Wave



Silver Wave Marble is a luxurious and splendid natural stone that has become a famous choice for indoor decoration and design. This stunning marble is only sometimes the most effective and lasting; however, it also hints at class and beauty in any area. At MQ STONE Factory, we provide a wide range of Silver Wave Marble products and tiles for flooring, partitions, slabs, and reduce-to-length industrial products. Let’s explore the different programs and blessings of this super stone.


Silver Wave Black Marble has a wide variety of projects, making it a flexible preference for residential and industrial initiatives. Whether you’re seeking a stone that may withstand high visitors or a cloth that adds a hint of luxury to your private home, Silver Wave Marble is a super desire.

Silver Wave Black Marble Bathroom Projects | MQ STONE

This long-lasting black Wooden marble stone is best for kitchen countertops, islands, bars, fireside surrounds, powder rooms, toilet counters, showers, tub surrounds, and wall packages. It’s additionally an excellent choice for door casings, dado, bar counters, Roman columns, indoor columns, toilets, and handicrafts. Its unique and dramatic styles make it best for developing an advanced, undying appearance.

Silver Wave Black Marble Flooring Tiles Projects | MQ STONE

  • Silver Wave Marble Tiles: A Unique and Eye-Catching Design

One of the most popular applications of Silver Wave Marble is in tiles for floors and partitions. Our Silver Wave Marble tiles are an investment in first-rate luxury, adding a hint of elegance and class to any room. These tiles are to be made in several textures and finishes, making creating a unique and beautiful layout easy.

The black wooden marble tiles have an eye-catching combination of a deep black background and waves of white and dark gray veining. The striking veining of Silver Wave resembles the layered jewelry of an ancient tree, giving it a timeless attraction. Finally, this fantastic stone is usually in polished tiles and slabs with a 2 cm thickness.

  • Custom Designs for Unique Requirements

At MQ STONE, we recognize that every assignment is precise and requires a customized method. That’s why we provide custom designs to meet your desires and necessities. Our group of skilled designers allows you to create a tailor-made layout for your undertaking, ensuring that it suits your property or business.

  • Visit Our Showroom or Call Our Sales Department for Pricing and Availability

If you’re curious about Silver Wave Marble for your next assignment, we invite you to visit our showroom or call our sales branch for pricing and availability. Tiles have become a vital component of any home layout, and present-day and particular natural marble tiles open up new global possibilities for domestic renovations. The black timber marble tiles are perfect for growing an advanced appearance, contrasting impact, or mixing with the prevailing shade palette.

Silver Wave Wooden Marble is a flexible and complicated natural stone that provides a hint of luxury and beauty to any indoor layout assignment. Whether you seek tiles for floors and walls, slabs, or reduce-to-length commercial merchandise, MQ STONE covers you. Visit us these days to see our Silver Wave Marble merchandise collection, and let us help you create a unique and timeless design for your property or enterprise.

    Standard Sizes of Wooden Marble Tiles



    Materiale Marmo naturale
    Colore del marmo white, black, yellow, green, blue, red, coffee, brown, beige, gray, golden, etc.
    Finito Polished, honed, natural split,saw-cut, pineapple, bushhammered, the machine pulled, waterjet, chiseled, sandblast.
    Dimensione 300X300mm, 600x600mm, 800x800mm, personalizzato
    Any customization is OK. We could also customize the cut as promised.
    MOQ 50 metri quadrati
    Campioni La qualità può essere verificata gratuitamente.
    Utilizzo Pavimento, parete, piano di lavoro, lavandino e lavabo, scala, camino, scultura artigianale in pietra, linee, copertura della porta, davanzale, soglia, la linea che fa da base, la linea d'onda, ecc.
    Controllo qualità Top quality. All products are checked by experienced QC before packing.
    Imballaggio Imballaggio: Con imballo standard marittimo.
    Imballaggio interno: Pellicola di plastica e schiuma;
    Outer Packaging: Wooden crates/ pallets.
    Data di consegna 15-20 giorni dopo la conferma dell'ordine.
    Pagamento T/T, Western Union, ecc.



    Chinese Black Wooden Marble Tiles | Silver Wave


    Silver Wave Wooden Marble Tiles
    • Artistry Encapsulated in Nature:
      Originating from the heart of China, the Silver Wave Black Wooden Marble boasts complex layering of veins, evoking the experience of rhythmic ocean waves or age-antique tree earrings. This eye-catching dance of colors lends fluidity and movement to the stone, making it a sought-after desire for luxe interior design projects.
    • Versatility in Application:
      From accentuating a grand entrance with door casings and Roman columns to including a hint of luxury with bar counters, the Silver Wave Black Marble Tile is versatile. Whether gracing kitchen countertops, fireside surrounds, bathroom counters, showers, or handicrafts, this stone is synonymous with endurance and elegance. The dramatic patterning ensures it stands proud, creating a statement anywhere hired.
    •  Investing in Elegance:
      More than just a fabric, Silver Wave Black Marble is an embodiment of luxury. The horizontal topographical patterns of black and white make it a decorative element and a centerpiece of any indoor area. Each tile or slab guarantees longevity and refinement, remodeling regular spaces into captivating spectacles of artistry and luxury.



    • Vein-Matched Marvel:
      The Ancient Wooden Marble, or as we fondly are aware of it, the Silver Wave Marble, stands proud with its deep black backdrop interspersed with waves of white and dark grey veining. Much like the age-old rings of a tree, the elaborate styles waft seamlessly, supplying a dramatic and commanding look. Typically, the stone is to be had in polished tiles and slabs, boasting a widespread thickness of 2 cm, ensuring durability while preserving its aesthetic enchantment.
    • Crafting Spaces with MQ STONE:
      MQ STONE’s collection of Silver Wave Marble is exceptional, catering to an array of architectural wishes. From motels and villas to business areas like places of work, hospitals, malls, or even sports venues, the application of this stone knows no bounds. MQ STONE promises quality and precision, be it tiles, slabs, or custom cut-to-length merchandise. Their variety isn’t always restrained to interiors; they also span outside decorative factors, from wall panels, stairs, and paving to state-of-the-art kitchen and lavatory projects.
    Silver Wave Wooden Marble Tiles


    Silver Wave Black Marble Tiles Silver Wave Marble Flooring Tiles






    Natural Black Marble Factory


    Wild Range Application of Wooden Black Marble

    Silver Wave Marble is a stunning and versatile product that offers many benefits and applications. Its beautiful design and customizable options make it an excellent choice for those looking to elevate their interior design with a touch of luxury. We can quickly handle your needs, whether natural marble stone tiles, slabs, or commercial cut-to-size. We offer our customers a large selection of stone colors and custom designs. Black and white horizontal topographical patterning. It is a dark, intense marble with exciting detail. Silver Wave Marble Slab is a long-lasting material used for kitchen counters, islands, bars, fireplace surrounds, powder rooms, bathroom counters, showers, tub surrounds, wall applications, book matching, and other indoor applications.

    Silver Wave Black marble Flooring Tiles QC | MQ STONE

    The tale of Silver Wave Marble is one of artistry, nature, and class. It’s a stone and a testament to nature’s remarkable splendor. Its undying attraction, blended with its multifaceted programs, makes it a must-have for those searching to mix luxury with the staying power of their architectural endeavors. Invest in the quality and elegance of Chinese Silver Wave Marble Jumbo Slabs or Cut-to-Size Tiles from MQ STONE Factory today!


    Silver Wave Marble Floor and Wall Tiles Factory | MQ STONE