Cose a cui prestare attenzione quando si estrae il quarzo

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With the needs of market development, quartz mining manufacturers have received more and more attention from consumers in the construction industry. For quartz mining manufacturers, what should be paid attention to in blasting operations?

Things to pay attention to when mining quartz:

1. Submit an application

The first thing that quartz mining manufacturers need to pay attention to when preparing for blasting operations is to submit an application, because the explosives that need to be used in blasting operations are dangerous goods. In use, they need to submit an application to the local public security bureau and the government to obtain a certain amount of explosives. Perform blasting.

2. Professional operation

Quartz mining manufacturers also need to pay attention to the professionalism of the operation in the blasting operation. For the use of explosives, it is necessary to control the amount of attention. Professional operators are very necessary to prevent the explosives from spreading to a large range and causing danger. If it happens, special attention should be paid to the selection of the operator.

3. Attention

The last thing that quartz mining manufacturers need to pay attention to in the blasting operation is the prompt on the warning sign. For quartz mining manufacturers, during the blasting operation, the blasting section needs to be closed all the way, and the warning needs to be set up to avoid irrelevant Enter the blasting zone.