Che cos'è la pietra calcarea beige del Giura

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What is the Jura Beige Limestone and Application

Jura Beige Limestone is a magnificent golden marble with medium variations. It is recommended for interior design projects and is the perfect choice to create stunning accent walls and marble tile floors throughout residential and commercial properties.

lastra di calcare beige jura

Jura Beige is available in Tiles, Slabs, and Mosaics. The unique veining makes a beautiful impression, it is becoming one of the most prominent beige limestone and available in different kinds of finish, recommending for both interior and exterior use.

What is Jura Beige Limestone look like”/Content/upload/2021748694/202110092308053272703.jpg” alt=”Jura Beige Limestone Exterior Wall Projects” title=”Jura Beige Limestone Exterior Wall Projects” style=”width: 790px; height: 218px;” width=”790″ vspace=”0″ height=”218″ border=”0″/>

This stone is generated from the sea in the Jurassic geological era, so there are some shells and fossils on this stone surface, also some quartz lines may appear on this stone surface. These are the natural characteristic of this stone, not defects. For beige (yellow) natural stone, color variation is unavoidable, this limestone is no exception, its color is ranged from light beige to dark beige. And it is created from bedrock layers, so different bedrock layers, the surface appearance is different, too.

The Technical Specifications


Specifiche tecniche

Compression Strength 123.7 MPA
Peso specifico apparente 2,628 kg/m3
Assorbimento dell'acqua 1.03%
Resistenza alla flessione 16.2 MPA

How big is a square piece of Jura beige”/Content/uploads/2021748694/20211009231124d46314c364d94e0c9c651ceb867fea74.png” title=”” alt=””/>