Matters needing attention when maintaining marble

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Matters needing attention when maintaining marble:

1. The stone surface should be dry and smooth. After refurbishing the marble, use animal hair pads or nano wool pads as much as possible to dry the ground temperature to about 50 degrees, and then do crystal surface treatment.

2. When maintaining the marble, you need to use clean steel wool and scouring pads.

3. Get it when you see it. When the marble emits a glass light, it should be shut down immediately.

4. It is best to use neutral crystal face agent and neutral refurbished pulp when maintaining marble.

Marble daily maintenance crystal hardening treatment: This is the best maintenance method, as long as the conditions can be achieved, this method should be used as much as possible.

Tools and materials: marble care machine (floor scrubbing machine), red scouring pad, watering can, dust pusher, crystal surface maintenance agent, crystal hard powder.