Most Trendy Marble Staircase With LED Lighting

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Hermes Grey Marble Staircase

The importance of marble staircase in architectural decoration is self-evident, not only is it the basic element to connect the space, but also the finishing touch to increase the artistry of the space. Both the practical and looking,

The main materials used to decorate stairs are usually wood, marble, etc. And according to the style of decoration, environmental needs, staircases are broadly divided into two forms, a straight marble staircase or a curved staircase – also known as a revolving staircase.

New Tundra Grey Marble Staircase Thread

New Tundra Grey Marble Spiral Staircase Twisted Marble Staircase

Today I collected the 2021 more "Hot" several marble staircase design, you do not want to miss it!

1. Gray, white marble staircases

This year, modern style and Chinese style home decoration is more popular than the gorgeous and complicated European style, so in the choice of staircases, simple and elegant gray marble and white marble is the trend.

Gray marble and white marble and very versatile, in the interior design has been the backbone, can cope with a variety of styles of design.

Iran White Marble Revolving Staircase

Turkish Dark Grey Marble Staircase

Turkish Dark Grey Marble L Shape Staircase

Cararra White Marble Stairs Wall Cladding

Chinese Grey Marble Stairs Factory

Cararra White Marble Flooring Tiles Chinese Factory

Statuario White Marble Thread Wall Panels

Italian Statuario White Marble Wall Cladding Cut To Size

Italy Snow White Marble China Supplier

Volakas White Marble Staircases Greek Jazz White Marble

Statuario White Marble Interior Design

2. Marble Staircase VS Glass Handrail

A complete staircase, not only has a Marble Step and Marble Riser, there are handrails as well, marble stairs¡¯ cool elegant and magnificent, and with a good-looking practical handrail is necessary.


The previous staircase handrail is mainly wood, wood handrail with marble tread is the most common one, but this year, metal, glass, etc. is also a relatively hot one.

Beige Marble Staircase With Gold Metal Handrail

Volakas White Marble Steps White Glass and Gold Handrail

Statuario White Marble Twisted Staircase Chinese Manufacturer

Volakas White Marble SS304 Handrail

Calacatta White Marble Staircases With Gold SS304 Handrail

Natural White Marble With Metal

Chinese Grey Marble Elegant Staircase

Staruario White Marble Wall Cladding

Italian Grey Marble Stairs And Flooring Tiles

Sandalwood Grey Marble Stairs And Flooring Tiles

3. Marble Staircase VS Lighting Strip

Next is the celebrities player, which is now a very popular way of lighting the stairs, the LED strip embedded under the stair treads, see the light without the cumbersome lamps, but also has a very eye-catching visual effect.

Hermas Grey Marble Steps With LED Lighting

Intelligent body-sensing staircase lighting, simply installed in the staircase or in the aisle inside, if someone passes by will automatically sense the lighting, and no one, it will automatically turn off, to save energy and power effect, but also according to their own needs to make different adjustments, step by step, there is a saying "step by step", this Staircase lighting with a lot of flavor.

Led Lighting VS Natural Gray Marble Steps

Natural Grey Marble Steps With Intelligent body-sensing Lighting

Statuario Marble Steps Spiral Staircase With Led lighting

Chinese Style White Marble Interior Decor

Led Lighting And Grey Marble Chinese Supplier

Intelligent BodySsensing Led Lighting White Marble Staircase

Intelligent BodySsensing Led Lighting Calacatta White Marble Staircase

Intelligent BodySsensing Led Lighting Staruario White Marble Staircase