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Nero Marquina Black Marble is an herbal stone that exudes sophistication and comfort. Its deep black hue interspersed with white veins has captivated the interior design arena. This iconic black and white natural marble stone is understood for its versatility, and MQ Stone's craftsmanship has taken its programs to new heights. In this newsletter, we will delve into the numerous packages, sizes, and plain charm of Nero Marquina Black Marble.
  1. Marble Tile Item: Luxury Interior Floor Projects with Nero Marquina Black Marble Tiles
  2. Chinese Marble: Nero Marquina Marble, Black Marble
  3. Marble Slab and Tile Size: 2400upx1200up, 2600upx1400up, 24''x24'',24''x12'',12''x12'' mm
  4. Thickness:18,20,30 mm
  5. Surface: Polished, Honed, Brushed, Leathered
  6. MOQ: 300 SQM
  7. Natural Marble Factory: Masonry Quality Stone
  8. Application: MQ STONE provides 100% Natural Marble For Wall Facade, Dinner Table, Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops For Estate Projects.

Chinese High-Polished Nero Marquina Black Marble Cut-to-Size Projects Tiles 



The black marble floor is a signature utility of Nero Marquina; its use goes beyond flooring. From partitions to countertops, this stone complements various surfaces. The current appeal of Nero Marquina Black Marble is unequaled. Its polished end on walls and floors provides a complicated contact to industrial areas and public buildings.

 Nero Marquina Black Marble’s versatility extends to residential residing areas as nicely. Imagine a living room with a Nero Marquina Black Marble accent wall or a kitchen with a Nero Marquina Black Marble countertop. These packages upload a hint of beauty to any space, making it an excellent desire for folks seeking a steeply-priced atmosphere.

MQ Stone’s natural Nero Marquina Black Marble tile goes past its conventional packages. The organization has created excellent fixtures from this stone, with espresso tables and stands. These artifacts, mixed with the stone’s hanging aesthetics, enlarge the high-priced atmosphere of any space.


Nero Marquina Black marble interior floor and wall projects | MQ STONE

  • Exploring the Versatility of Nero Marquina Black Marble 

One of the most massive benefits of using Nero Marquina Marble Tile in furnishings is its durability. The stone is resistant to scratches and stains, making it an excellent preference for coffee tables and stands. Furthermore, darkish marble floor tiles fuse functionality with beauty in kitchens. The stone’s durability guarantees it can resist the damage and tear of day-by-day use, even including the overall aesthetic enchantment.

  • MQ Stone’s Craftsmanship: Exuding the Charm of Nero Marquina Black Marble

Nero Marquina Marble Floor Tile is among the top-class marble available. MQ Stone is manufactured in China and has many choices, from cutter-size slabs to massive and cut-to-size tiles. But the business enterprise’s craftsmanship maintains past there. They also fashion raw blocks, skirting, tiles, steps, risers, or even conceitedness tops in various dimensions, all exuding the appeal of this iconic marble.


MQ Stone’s craftsmanship has taken black and white marble tiles in Nero Marquina Marble to new heights. The corporation’s excellent furnishings and attention to detail ensure that each part of the marble is exceptional. Black marble floor tile such as Nero Marquina Black Marble is ideal for folks searching for a highly-priced and complex ambiance, making it a need-to-have for any indoor layout project.




Dimension of Natural Marble Tiles


Sizes Availability:

Big Size Slabs: 2800 mm up X 1600 mm up X 20 mm / 30 mm thick
Big Size Slabs: 2400 mm up X 1200 mm up X 20 mm / 30 mm thick
Small Cutter Size Slabs: 2100 mm up X 700 mm up X 20 mm / 30 mm thick
Standard sizes in Tiles (beveled & mirror polished)
305 mm X 305 mm
610 mm X 305 mm
600 mm X 400 mm
600 mm X 600 mm
Available Finishes in this Granite: Polished, Honed, Brush / Leather.

Polished Chinese Black And White Marble Floor and Wall Tiles


black and white marble tiles
  • MQ Stone’s Craftsmanship: From Slabs to Details:

MQ Stone’s craftsmanship is unmatched in Black Marquina Marble Tile. The business enterprise’s interest in detail guarantees that each piece of marble is of the highest quality. Their skilled artisans paint with the stone to convey its natural splendor, making it a super desire for folks searching for an expensive and complicated atmosphere.

Nero Marquina Marble is a natural stone that exudes sophistication and comfort. Its versatility extends beyond conventional applications, making it an excellent preference for reinforcing various surfaces. This iconic stone adds elegance to any space, from walls to countertop countertops. 


  • 5 Reasons to Choose Marble:

  1. Marble has long been synonymous with luxury. Here are five compelling reasons to include it in your home:
  2. Elegance Personified: Marble flooring, especially Nero Marquina, is sublime and current.
  3. Unique Patterns: Every marble slab is precise, boasting herbal pattern variations.
  4. Elevates Room Style: It’s no longer only a ground; it’s a fashion announcement.
  5. Versatility: Marble suits are everywhere, from bathrooms to kitchens and dwelling rooms.Sense of Luxury: The mere presence of marble amplifies the amenity of an area.
black marble floor tile
  • Nero Marquina for Varied Applications:

MQ Stone’s Nero Marquina Black Marble isn’t always confined to houses. It graces commercial kitchens, conceitedness tops, wall cladding, and more. This marble unearths its place, be it a resort, college, mall, or even sports activities venues. Its programs are massive and sundry, from tiles to countertops, from wall panels to stairs. The promise is a touch of luxury, no matter where it is used.


black marquina marble tile black marquina marble floor tile

Natural Marble Floor and Wall Tiles Factory


Natural marble tiles QC | MQ STONE

1. Are you a retailer or a manufacturer?
A: We are a trading firm with a factory. We manufacture our products and sources from other collaborative factories, ensuring a competitive price and product variety.
2. How do I know how good you are?
A: High-resolution detailed photos and a free sample will allow you to confirm our quality.
3. I’m a homeowner needing a small quantity; what should I do?
A: Please check with our sales team to see if it is in stock or if we have a distributor in your area.
4. Do you offer door-to-door service? Or can the tiles be delivered to my house?
A: Yes, we provide delivery to your door, making your job easier.

With Nero Marquina Black Marble, each area, like business or residential, stands proud. The deep black hue, adorned with complex white veining, gives a unique attraction, making it a fave in indoor layout. As we have explored, the possibilities with this marble are infinite, making it an excellent choice for those with an eye fixed on luxury and sophistication.

Nero Marquina Black Marble Tiles Supplier | MQ STONE