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Calacatta White Italian Natural Marble Tiles from MQ STOEN Factory is a beautiful white marble with elegant grey veining. This Italian Luxury White marble is highly desired through its rich grey color across a transparent white backdrop. Natural Calacatta Italian Marble Tile is perfect for floors and walls in any residential or commercial interior design project.
  1. Natural Marble Item: Italian Calacatta White Marble Cut-to-Size Polished Floor and Wall Tiles
  2. Marble Material: Calacatta White Marble, Italian Calacatta Marble
  3. Jumbo Slab Size: 2400upx1400up, 2000upx1000up
  4. Thickness: Polished, Honed, Acid, Brushed
  5. MOQ: 300 SQM
  6. Natural Marble Factory: Masonry Quality Stone
  7. Application: 80+ High-quality Natural White Marble Stone Slabs in the MQ STONE factory for Indoor Floor Wall Tiles, Bathroom Countertops, Sinks, and basins for commercial and residential projects.

Premium Quality Calacatta White Marble Floor and Wall Tiles


Calacatta Marble Tiles are the epitome of luxury and elegance. Sourced from the pristine quarries of Italy, those tiles are crafted from natural marble and feature a specific white heritage with delicate gray veining that runs at some stage in. They can be mixed with various Calacatta moldings, pencil liners, and different Calacatta marble mosaics and tile formats, making them suitable for multiple applications. Right here are a number of the essential thing functions and benefits of Calacatta Marble Tiles:

Calacatta White Marble Tile and Countertops projects MQ STONE

Classic Angeles Calacatta White Marble Tiles: Timeless Splendor and sturdinessThe polished surface of traditional Angeles Calacatta white marble tiles is a timeless and sturdy desire for any space. With their sensitive gray veining jogging throughout, they provide a unique appearance that may be mixed with various Calacatta moldings, pencil liners, and other Calacatta marble tile formats. They’re offered in matt/honed finishes and are appropriate for walls, floors, lavatories, wet rooms, and underfloor heating, along with but not confined to clubs/bars, eating places, lobbies, motels, and shops. Please be aware that colors might also differ in natural/artificial lighting fixtures. Sealing is suggested for all our natural stone products.

Calacatta Italian Marble Tiles: timeless announcement

Luxury Natural Marble Stones like Calacatta Italian Marble Tiles make an undying declaration. This ornamental white marble tile is available in white and has a cultured end. With many styles to choose from in all-time versatile marble, you’ll appreciate the unique fashion of this tile. This marble is made in Italy and is known for its undying and exquisite layout. This rectangular-shaped marble creates a clever damage in styles.

Calacatta Polished Marble Tiles: results effortlessly stylish

The 100% Italian Natural Calacatta Polished Marble Tile in white is as timeless as it’s miles flexible. Its durability and smooth renovation make it a realistic and attractive addition to almost any room, and you’ll also have a stylish aesthetic. The polished end of these tiles adds to their appeal, capturing the essence of Italian luxury.

  • Calacatta Marble book Matched Floor Tiles: A Layout Delight.

For Morden interior floor and wall usages, the designers prefer to create book-matched vein or vein flow designs of natural marble, such as Calacatta Marble book Matched Floor Tiles delights a designer, providing fluidity in design and extraordinary beauty. These tiles are to be had in customized specs, and their specific e-book-matched sample creates a lovely visible impact that adds a hint of class to any space.


1: Standard Sizes of Calacatta Marble Floor Tiles


Calacatta White Marble, Calacatta Italian Marble
Exterior Wall Cladding, Interior Walls, Interior Floors, Shower Walls, Tub Surround Walls, Kitchen Counter Tops & Vanity
Tops, Flooring Tiles, Slabs, Landscapes, etc.


Wall Cladding Panels: 1200x600mm, 600x600m, 1200x300mm Thickness: 18mm, 20mm, 25mm
Customized specifications are available.
Interior Wall Panels: 1220x2440mm, 1520x2440mm, 1600x3000mm Thickness: 8mm, 15mm, 25mm
Customized specifications are available.
Kitchen Tops: 96″/108″/120″ x 26″/36″/42″ Bath Vanity Tops: 27″/36″/48″/60″/72″ x 22″/24″
Thickness: 3/4″, 1 1/4″
Customized specifications are available
Flooring Tiles: 12 “x12”, 12 “x24”, 24 “x24” Thickness: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm
Customized specifications are available.
Slabs: Length: 2400mmup ~ 3000mmup Width: 1200mm~2000mm Thickness: 18mm, 20mm, 30mm…
Stone Sink:400~600×300~400mm Thickness:120-150mm
Customized specifications are available
Polished, Honed, Flamed, Sandblasted, Waterjet, Brushed, Antique…
Exporting Wooden Package
High Intensity, Durable, Stronger, Grout Less, Seamless, Book-Matched Veins, Lower Labor Costs


2: 1200x600x16mm Polished Calacatta Marble Floor Tiles


white marble calacatta tiles

White marble calacatta tiles

marble calacatta tiles

marble calacatta tiles


  • Calacatta Marble flooring: Versatility in size

For indoor interiors, luxurious Calacatta Marble floors are similarly charming in their 60x60cm avatar, supplying versatility in length. Whether adorning your bathroom walls or becoming the centerpiece of your residence place, these tiles create harmonious symphonies. Using them in conjunction or across unique rooms is a clothier’s satisfaction, presenting fluidity in design and unprecedented splendor.

  • Calacatta Marble Tile: Majestic 600x1200mm Tile

1200x600x16/20 mm sizes of Calacatta Marble Tile is nothing less than a visible marvel. The expansive size no longer minimizes tile traces but also magnifies space, rendering rooms more expansive and inviting. Its polished end provides charm, shooting the essence of Italian luxury.

Calacatta Marble Flooring Tile

Calacatta Marble Flooring Tile

Calacatta Marble Floor Tile

Calacatta Marble Floor Tile


Calacatta White Marble Polished Tiles are the embodiment of Italian beauty. Past their plain splendor, their durability sets Calacatta White Marble Tiles apart. Mirroring the actual Calacatta marble, those tiles provide an unequaled combination of aesthetic appeal and durability, ensuring the price for every penny spent.

Calacatta Marble Tiles are a timeless and durable choice for any space. Their exceptional splendor and flexibility can be used in a ramification of settings and applications. Whether you’re a dressmaker or a homeowner, Calacatta Marble Tiles will add a touch of class and beauty to your space.

3: Quality White Calacatta Marble Floor Tiles and Wall Covering Panel Supplier | MQ STONE 


Professional Natural Marble Tiles Packages | MQ STONE

MQ STONE’s Natural Calacatta Italian Marble Tiles are curated, preserving various desires in thoughts. The programs are vast and versatile, from adorning business kitchen countertops to breathing life into walls of luxurious inns and villas. Be it a medical institution, faculty, mall, or old-fashioned farmhouse, every space will undoubtedly be improved with the Calacatta’s touch.

One of the most splendid offerings is the White Calacatta Marble Tiles approach, which uses adjacent slabs mirroring every other, making an open e-book appear. This precise characteristic ensures a symmetrical sample drift, making floors appear a canvas of art.

The Calacatta Marble Floor Tile, delivered to you via luxury herbal Marble Tiles, transcends beyond mere aesthetic; itt is approximately luxurious, sturdiness, and the timeless Italian artistry that every tile encapsulates.

Calacatta Italian Marble Cut-To-Size Tiles Factory-MQ STONE