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Nero Marquina marble tile products from MQ STONE help achieve a contemporary or classic look when incorporated with our natural marble floor and wall tile collections. Chinese Marble Nero Marquina tiles are excellent when used with Carrara marble or other natural white marble or as a standalone design for walls, backsplashes, countertops, and residential floors.
  1. Marble Products: Chinese Nero Marquina Black Marble Polished Tiles
  2. Marble Stone: Nero Marquina Marble, Chinese Black Marble
  3. Size: 2400upx1200up, 2600upx1400up, 24''x24'',24''x12'',12''x12'' mm
  4. Thickness: 18,20,30 mm
  5. Surface: Polished, Honed, Brushed, Leathered
  6. MOQ: 300 SQM
  7. Natural Marble Manufacturer: Masonry Quality Stone
  8. Application: MQ STONE Factory provides 50+ Chinese Natural Marble For Wall Facade, Dinner Table, Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops For Estate Projects.

Chinese Black Marquina Marble Polished Or Honed Paving Tiles For Floor and Wall Application


Nero Marquina Marble is a commercial and price-advantage natural building stone quarried in China. Combining deep blacks and captivating white veins creates a harmonious, undying appearance synonymous with beauty and luxury. The beautiful Nero Marquina Marble Tiles are a testament to nature’s potential to create profound beauty, and their versatility and hanging look make them a perfect preference for each contemporary and classical interior design.

Nero marquina Marble Stair Tiles

  • Colors of Chinese Natural Black Marble

The deep black backdrop and contrasting white veins of Nero Marquina Marble paint a photograph reminiscent of towering mountains enveloped by dense forests. This visual representation, stimulated by way of nature, brings an experience of serenity and depth to any space it graces. This Chinese Black and White Natural marble’s characteristic white cloud texture is dramatic and soothing, making it a favorite amongst designers who need to create spaces that make an announcement.

  • The Versatility of Nero Marquina Marble:

One of the most tremendous functions of Nero Marquina Marble Tiles is its versatility. It is a distinctly adaptable cloth that can be used in several architectural initiatives. This Black and White marble tile shines in all settings, from lavish lodges and expensive office buildings to fashionable department stores and tranquil farmhouses. Moreover, Nero Marquina Black Marble Tile is not restricted to grand lobbies or public spaces, as it works superbly inside the intimate confines of rental bathrooms and kitchens. Its diverse and outstanding applications include wall claddings, conceitedness tops, countertops, ground tiles, stairs, and paving.

Nero Marquina Black Marble Floor and Wall Tiles Projects | MQ STONE

  • Design Possibilities of Chinese Nero Marquina Marble:

Nero Marquina Marble Floor Tile is a dressmaker’s dream come true. It offers limitless design opportunities, thanks to its particular color and pattern. This marble lets you attain your vision, whether you want to create a bold characteristic wall or a subtle accent. It works seamlessly with various materials and timber, metal, and glass to create a cohesive and elegant look. It can also create complicated patterns to add a luxury lobby to flooring and walls, including herringbone and chevron.


Standard Sizes of Natural Black Marble Tiles


Cheap Black Marble With White Veins Floor Tile Price
Material 100% of Natural Marble
Finished It was polished, Honed, Split, Sandblasted, Machine-Cut, Antiqued, Pineapple, etc.

Title: 305*305*10mm (12*12*3/8”)
        305*610*20mm (12*24*3/4”)
        610*610*20mm (24*24*3/4”)
Other Customized Sizes are Available
Thickness 10mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm
Usage Indoor and outdoor decoration

Packaging Details
(1) Strong Wooden Crate – Tiles; 
(2) Carton / Foam + Pallet – Thin Tiles; 
(3) Strong Wooden Bundle: Big Slab; 
*Padded with foamed plastic and packed in a seaworthy wooden crate outside. 
The wood will be fumigated as per current international requirements.


Chinese Black and White Marble Floor and Wall Tiles


Durability and renovation of Chinese Black Marquina Marble:
  • Nero Marquina Marble is an extended-lasting material that could face up to the take-a look at time. It is a natural stone that protects in opposition to scratches, stains, and warmth. However, it’s miles critical to know that it’s a porous material; this means that it could soak up beverages, along with coffee; ifwine, if spills aren’t wiped up, it could soak up drinks, coffee, and wine. Consequently, it is endorsed to seal the marble periodically to prevent stains from being put in. About cleaning, it’s fair to use a pH-impartial purifier and avoid abrasive chemical substances that can harm the surface.
  • Ultimately, the Chinese Black Marquina Marble Tile is a cute natural stone with a harmonious aggregate of deep blacks and enchanting white veins. It is a flexible material that may be utilized in several architectural initiatives, from grand lobbies to intimate bathrooms and kitchens. Its particular coloration and sample provide endless layout opportunities, and it’s a long-lasting cloth that may withstand the take a look at f time. Assume you’re seeking an elegant, undying material to elevate any space. If so, Nero Marquina Marble Flooring Tile is a beautiful choice. Marquina Marble is a top-notch preference if you seek an enduring and stylish material to promote any area.
Nero Marquina Black Marble Tiles


Surface Finishes to Elevate Interiors:
  • The Nero Marquina Honed Marble Tile has several surface finishes, from pristine polished to understated honed. The polished end gives a reflective floor that amplifies the room’s mild, while the sharp end offers a matte appearance, perfect for spaces aiming for extra subdued elegance. Regardless of the choice, the marble’s inherent beauty shines through, making every piece art.
A Statement in Monochrome Design:
  • In the interior floor and wall projects, black is regularly pivotal in setting up a high-priced atmosphere. With its wealthy black hue, Nero Marquina sets the suitable degree for a monochromatic design. Paired with its one-of-a-kind white veining, it offers a hanging and harmonious stability. This Nero Marquina Marble Polished Tile isn’t only a floor option; it’s a revel-in, an adventure into the beauty world.
  • The beauty of Nero Marquina Marble through MQ STONE is timeless. As black marble layouts continue to be a staple in indoor arrangements, this precise marble is set to grace more lavish homes, places of work, and commercial spaces. Investing in Nero Marquina isn’t always just about shopping for a stone; it’s approximately securing a chunk of undying luxury to elevate interiors for future generations.

Nero Marquina marble tiles are one of the few black marbles still available. Nero Maquina Marble is recognized for its dependent and gorgeous white cloud texture reminiscent of the mountain height blanketed by a darkish forest. Marquina Black marble tiles lend drama and timeless splendor to every interior space. They form a monochrome environment, a gorgeous basis for choosing room decor and experimenting with textures and structures without problems.


Black Marquina Marble Floor Tiles
Polished Natural Black Marquina Marble Tiles

When it comes to timeless elegance, the black marble floor layout can’t be surpassed, as it can immediately increase the state-of-the-art vibe of any house in your house. Nero Marquina Marble Paving Tiles or other black-marble flooring are elegant and exceptional on floors. They will most likely make an assertion and maybe sensible funding in style.

Black marble floor tiles are acceptable due to their excellent, prosperous, and exclusive look. Marquina Black marble flooring tiles are splendid for a modern, sleek, and stylish indoor upgrade. Black is frequently vital to creating a fantastic atmosphere, supplying sophistication and simply the best quantity of mystery.

Nero Marquina Black Marble Flooring Tiles

Nero Marquina Marble Tiles

Black Marquina Marble Flooring Tiles

Nero Marquina Black Marble Floor Tiles






Chinese Black Marble Floor and Wall Tiles Factory


How to Remove the Stains from Black Marble Flooring Tiles

 There are stains on black marble that have to be dealt with. Blot with a smooth material or paper towels when the spill occurs and soak up as much of the stain as possible.

If you want to make a thick paste for acidic stains, pour a half-cup of baking soda into a dish and stir in water slowly. Put a thick paste layer over the color and let it sit for a while. Remove the dried paste with a damp cloth.

For grease or oil stains, sprinkle the stained place with a thick cornstarch coating and let it sit for a few hours. Use a damp cloth to wipe it away.

Rub the vicinity with hydrogen peroxide to eliminate food stains. Rub over the stain with hydrogen peroxide after soaking the part of a fabric or sponge.




Chinese Natural Marble Professional Factory | MQ STONE

Nero Marquina Marble from MQ STONE embodies luxury, elegance, and flexibility. Its timeless beauty and numerous software capacities make it an exceptional choice for infusing their spaces with a long-lasting class feel. Natural Marble Factory | MQ STONE