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MQ STONE's New York Marble has a fantastic character and allure that has been praised for years. Its precise splendor is famous internationally and has been used in various architectural wonders to showcase its elegance. The slabs are an absolute beauty, making them perfect for folks needing a long-lasting effect. Their transparency makes them perfect for backlighting, growing a magical impact when illuminated. This beautiful appearance makes MQ STONE's New York Marble ideal for kitchens, feature walls, or commercial interior projects.
  1. Natural Marble: New York Lilac White Marble Slabs For Wall Panel Projects
  2. Marble Color: New York Marble, Milas Lilac Marble
  3. Size: 2400upx1200up, 2600upx1400up, 24''x24'',24''x12'',12''x12'' mm
  4. Thickness: 18,20,30 mm
  5. Surface: Polished, Honed, Brushed, Leathered
  6. MOQ: 300 SQM
  7. Natural Marble Manufacturer: Masonry Quality Stone
  8. Application: 100% Natural Marbles in MQ STONE For Wall Facade, Dinner Table, Kitchen, and Bathroom Countertops For Estate Projects.

New York Polished Marble Slabs For Commercial Estate Projects

The New York Marble is an herbal stone from the Aegean location of Turkey. With its stunning visuals and pristine white background crisscrossed with deep purple-grey veins, The New York Marble Slab is the most popular decoration building stone that desires residential and business projects. This white marble transforms ordinary surfaces, like polished, honed into undying works of art when customary into slabs or tiles.

One of the most impressive capabilities of New York Marble is its slab form. The Jumbo Size slabs provide a perfect canvas for the marble’s complex styles, highlighting the wealthy, pink-purple veins sweeping the pristine white historical past. These New York White Marble slabs are regularly used as focal points in living rooms or lobbies for grand installations. Their well-known thickness of 20mm ensures they’re durable and suitable for high-visitor areas.

  • Why Choose Natural New York Marble for indoor space?

New York Marble is also available in tile shape. The tiles keep the marble’s natural beauty while imparting layout flexibility. They are ideal for regions that call for luxury without overwhelming the distance. These tiles are best for adorning lavatory walls, kitchen backsplashes, or floor areas, including a touch of sophistication to any room.

The versatility of New York Marble makes it a popular preference amongst interior designers and designers alike. Its visuals, durability, and versatility in design make it suitable for traditional and contemporary spaces. The marble’s particular patterns and colorations can supplement any design fashion, adding a hint of class and beauty.

  • For interior spaces, like residential and hotel bathrooms, prefer to choose New York Whtie Marble Tiles | MQ STONE 

New York Marble is a masterpiece of nature that transforms regular areas into timeless artwork. Its beautiful visuals, sturdiness, and versatility make it an excellent choice for residential and commercial spaces. This marble is a testament to enduring fashion and class, whether in slab or tile form.


Natural White Marble Sizes


Product Name  New York White Marble Slabs For Wall and Countertops Projects
Materials Turkey Milas Lilac Marble 
Sizes Tiles available
300X300mm, 600x600mm, 800x800mm, customized
Slabs available
2400up*1200up*18mm, 2400up*1200up*20mm, 2400up*1200up*30mm
Surface Polished, honed, Hammered
Usage floor, interior decoration, countertop
Packing Seaworthy wooden crate, pallet
Quality Control Thickness Tolerance:+/-0.5mm,+/-1mm;
Polished Degree:85°or up.
Payment terms 30% by T/T in advance, balance by T/T before shipment


16-18mm Jumbo Sizes of New York Marble 


  • New York White Marble Polished Slabs
  • Lustrous Expanse: New York White Marble

The New York White Marble Tile’s seamless elegance and sturdiness stand out. This type offers a more consistent white background, allowing the lilac veins to shine prominently. Its warmness resistance and adaptability make it ideal for kitchen countertops, ensuring capability and beauty. Although it is a cost-effective alternative to rarer marbles like Calacatta, it would not compromise luxury or resilience.

  • Statement Surfaces: New York Marble Benchtop

Please elevate your kitchen or bathroom space with a New York Marble Benchtop. Combining the marble’s inherent beauty with practicality, those benchtops are more than simply surfaces; they’re statements. The functional grey veining on a white backdrop provides a visible hobby and enhances various interior patterns, from cutting-edge to traditional.

The New York White Marble Polished Slabs Size:

2300upx 1800up

300oupx 1300up


and other sizes to fit different cut-to-sizes, hotel countertop projects, and large real estate projects. 

  • Versatility in Application: Project Possibilities

The New York Marble Tile isn’t pretty much aesthetic; it’s approximately versatile. Its adaptability is evident in its wide variety of usages, from residential to commercial initiatives. Imagine entering a hotel lobby graced by a grand New York Marble centerpiece or a luxury villa with marble-embellished bathrooms.

Corporate spaces, like workplace buildings and malls, can benefit from the marble’s opulence. Sizes range based on undertaking needs. However, the maximum commonplace slab size for New York Marble is L: 3200 W: 2000 with a thickness of 20mm, perfect for expansive installations.

New York White Marble Slabs New York Marble Polished Slabs


  • Turkish Origin: Milas Lilac Marble Slabs and Tiles

Diving deeper into the Turkish origins, we find the Milas Lilac Marble(also known as New York Marble) variations. Whether in slab or tile shape, the Milas Lilac embodies the spirit of Turkish White Marble with its signature lilac, red veins dancing throughout the surface. The Milas Lilac White Marble Tiles and Milas Lilac Purple Vein Marble offer a unique twist to the traditional New York Marble, ensuring exclusivity in design.


Professional Marble Stone Factory In China


15 Years experiences of Natural Stone Business | MQ STONE


Use the following for general cleaning and maintenance:

Unpolished marble—scrub with Wyandotte Detergent with a cloth or a fiber brush. (Avoid using standard abrasive cleaners.) Rinse well.

Use the particular product Stone Klene on outdoor marble—patios and garden furniture.

If a damp cloth isn’t enough to clean polished marble, use a material wrung out of suds prepared with Ivory or Lux soap flakes. To avoid staining, properly rinse and dry with chamois. A light detergent solution (Joy, Ivory) can be used on heavily stained marble as a one-time cleanup. (Do not use harsh detergents.) Even mild detergent should not be used repeatedly on some varieties of marble since it may cause yellowing or other surface changes.

In its numerous bureaucracy and variants, the New York Marcombinesx of luxury, sturdiness, and adaptability. Whether you are looking to increase a non-public space or searching to make a grand announcement in a commercial setting, this marble guarantees to deliver on all fronts.

New York White Marble Slabs and Tiles Factory | MQ STONE