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Rosso Damascus Marble is a natural stone that exudes undying splendor, making it a popular preference for architects, designers, and owners alike. This beautiful Ruby Red marble is understood for its intense crimson coloration, adorned with white and dark veins sporting diffused yellow sunglasses. Its quality-grain texture, prominent veining, and compact structure make it a sought-after cloth for its aesthetics and historical significance.
  • Natural Marble Item: Ruby Red Marble Rosso Damascus For high-End Interior Projects
  • Marble Material: Rosso Damascus Marble, Italian Red Marble
  • Jumbo Slab Size: 2400upx1400up, 2000upx1000up
  • Thickness: Polished, Honed, Acid, Brushed
  • MOQ: 300 SQM
  • Natural Marble Factory: Masonry Quality Stone
  • Application: 80+ High-quality Natural Marble Stone Slabs in the MQ STONE factory for Indoor Floor Wall Tiles, Bathroom Countertops, Sinks, and basins for commercial and residential projects.

Syrian Rosso Damascus Ruby Red Marble Slab For Indoor Projects



Rosso Damascus Marble’s formation beneath unique geological situations has made it a symbol of artistic excellence and culture. In truth, it was broadly used in historical instances to create extraordinary sculptures and architectural masterpieces. This marble is still famous for its beauty and sturdiness, making it a widespread desire for high-cease residential and industrial spaces.


Rosso Damasco Marble is a versatile cloth utilized in diverse applications. Its vibrant shades and tricky patterns make it ideal for flooring, countertops, walls, and ornamental accents. Whether you must create a formidable declaration or upload a hint of beauty to your space, Rosso Damascus Marble is a tremendous excellent preference.


  • Exquisite Color Palette of Ruby Red Marble

Rosso Damascus Red Marble is famous for its top-notch color palette. Its colorful red colors, tantalizing tangerine accents, and sensitive strains of buttery shades create a mesmerizing backdrop reminiscent of a picturesque autumn day. The marble’s precise coloring infuses houses and spaces with remarkable strength and vibrancy, making it a super choice for various applications.

  • Unmatched Durability of Luxury Red Marble

One of the most fantastic attributes of Rosso Damascus Syrian Marble is its durability. This herbal stone is very resistant to put on and tear, making it best for excessive-traffic regions. It is also immune to heat, scratches, and stains, making it a widespread desire for kitchen countertops and floors. With proper care and upkeep, Rosso Damasco Marble can remain for many years, making it a precious investment for any space.

    Rosa Damascus Syrian Marble Slab is a timeless classic used for hundreds of years. Its beauty, sturdiness, and flexibility have made it famous for architects, designers, and owners. Whether you want to feature a hint of peach in your home or create a formidable assertion in an industrial space, Rosso Damascus Ruby Red Marble is perfect. Its exceptional shade palette, unequaled sturdiness, and historical importance make it a real masterpiece of nature and an excellent way to look at time.


    Natural Marble Sizes


    Ruby Red Natural Italian Marble
    Rosso Damascus Red Marble From Italy
    Big slabs, 300x300mm, 600x600mm, 300x600mm, etc
    Surface finished
    Polish, honed, sandblasted, tumbled, antiqued, acid washed, brushed, picked, sawn, split, grooved, bush hammered, Mushroom, etc
    Floor & wall tiles, vanity top, kitchen countertop, stairs & baluster, column & pillar, moulding & skirting, window
    sill,water-jet mural, mosaic tile, etc.
    Popular Size of Natural Marble
    Big slab
    Big slab Size 2400 upx1800up mm,
    thickness 1.6cm, 1.8cm, 2.0cm
    1) 305 x 305 x 10mm or 12″ x 12″ x 3/8″
    2) 406 x 40 6x 10mm or 16″ x 16″ x 3/8″
    3) 457 x 457 x 10mm or 18″ x 18″ x 3/8″
    4) 300 x 600 x 20mm or 12″ x 24″ x 3/4″
    5) 600 x 600 x 20mm or 24″ x 24″ x 3/4″ ect custom sizes
    Vanity top
    25 “x22”, 31 “x22”, 37 “x22”, 49 “x22”, 61 “x22”, etc.
    Thickness 3/4″, 1 1/4″. Any drawing can be customized made.
    96″x26″, 108″x26″, 96″x36″, 72″x36″, 72″x36″, 96″x16 “ect
    Thickness 3/4″,1 1/4″ Any drawing can be made.
    step 100-150×30-35×2/3cm
    riser 100-150×12-17×2/3cm


    Natural Luxury Red Marble Slab


    Rosso Damascus Luxury Marble
    • Versatile applications of Natural Marble:
      The flexibility of Rosso Damascus Marble Slab is privy to no bounds. This superb stone can create functional walls, complicated marble staircases, bespoke marble fireplaces, and more. It seamlessly integrates into any region, whether or not or now not as marble benchtops, vanities, or ornamental facings, inclusive of a touch of splendor and class to the surroundings.




    • Mission Projects of Natural Marble:

    Rosa Damascus Marble is a pinnacle preference for residential and commercial enterprise obligations. It will be hired in diverse packages of wall panels, floor tiles, stairs, paving, wall cladding, countertops, and vanities. Whether you’re designing an inn, villa, condo, workplace manufacturing, medical institution, faculty, mall, sports activities, sports venue, or enjoyment facility, this marble elevates the aesthetics of the gap to a brand-new degree of sophistication and comfort.

    Rosso Damascus Syrian Marble Slab


    Rosso Damascus Marble Slabs Rosa Damascus Red Marble Slabs


    Professional Natural Red Marble Factory In China

    Chinese Professional Natural Marble facotry | MQ STONE

    Rosso Damascus Marble, with its rich records, captivating solar sunglasses, and flexible applications, is a testament to the long-lasting enchantment of natural stone. Whether you are searching to infuse your place with undying splendor or make a formidable creative announcement, this top-notch marble offers an array of possibilities. Its heat and colorful presence have made it a fave amongst artisans, architects, and architects for generations, and its legacy keeps thriving in gift-day design and production projects. Ruby Red Rosso Damascus Marble Slabs and Tiles Factory | MQ STONE